5 July 2012

{life update} gathered stuff of May

The rest of the photos I've taken through May.
I'll say a bit about everything when something comes to my mind.
Some of them were from events or things I actually would have liked to do a seperate post for...
but then there weren't enough photos, not enough time or I just forgot.

 outfit post ★
* bag : H&M
* t.shirt : mister*lady(?)
* vest : ???
* beanie: C&A
*glasses: claire's

I wore that outfit when I went to the Long Night of Sciences in Berlin with Henny and Kathi together.
Unfortunately I didn't take really good photos of it.... We went to the Free University in Dahlem (Berlin) and spend most of the time at the house about Chinese studies and Japanese studies. They built up a stall where you could buy usual Japanese food and some students who were on an exchange told about their experiences and one did a workshop about Kimonos and stuff. It was really interesting but the food was with proke (I'm allergic to it) and really expensive... That's why we didn't eat there.
I bought two mangas they sold second hand in the uppermost floor. (Loveless 1 & 2)

 I made this lettering in the house where archaeology and ancient studies introduced their work and their major. Kathi is really interested in it and it was really cool reading stuff about ancient Egypt and their worships. This lettering actually just says my name. haha

letterings from Japanese Studies & Ancient Studies

 I got it from my mom. It's from BIOCURA.
It's a French nail set with a pen for the white part.
I tried it out already and it's really good! 
The time is over when doing french nails was unconvenient! 

It's been a while since I posted food on my blog. hehe
But I actually love to take photos of delicious food... almost more than eating it...
When my mom went shoppingt with my brother and me we ate kebab together and it was the first kebab for almost three or four years for me. But it was really tasty. omnomnom

Animal Crossing - Let's go to the city * Harvest Moon
Micky Epic * The Legend of Zelda - Twilight Princess * Tales of Symphonia
 We bought a Wii from a friend of mine in April already and when we were on our shopping spree I looked through the shelves and found a bunch of games I actually would like to have. In the end I bought none.
My brother sequstrates the game console the whole time anyway. 

My parents presented me a new laptop for my Abitur. 
My new white love. I named him Ouji
He's really big in comparison to my old netbook (the pink vaio down there) 
and the white color makes him appear even bigger. hihi

on my way to LM.C.

I made this photo in the boutique where I bought my prom night dress.
It's a small, plain shop but it has really, really beautiful dresses.
I saw these grey/white/patterned ones at first but they were really, really expensive 
because most of the items in this shop are from Italian brands. 
But they really were wonderful. (sigh)

Time to continue with June next, ne?

 now listening to: COLORS by girugamesh 

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