16 August 2012

{travel} JULY: Mini vacation in Duisburg and Duesseldorf

Sorry for my lack of updates .... but I'm super busy with stuff for my university enrollment!
Because - guess what !? - Yuku got her approval for Japanese Studies at the Free University in Berlin!

... at least I saw it in the net and the lady of the info service confirmed it...
The only thing what's missing for my enrollment... is the written approval for which I wait now to come per mail. Need a copy for my enrollment...

Anyways... I finally made it and prepared a super huge photo spam to recall my mini vacation from July when I went to Duisburg to see Maya, Aiji and Shinpei.
I was so super happy to see them again after I met Aiji and Maya back in May for LM.Cs live the last time... and it was the first time seeing Shinpei.
They are all so kind and lovely.

I know it already been some time but I really like to remember this weekend because - as I can say - we had a lot of fun and I'm really grateful for letting me stay at your place and showing me Duesseldorf because it was the first time for me to be there in general.
I was so fascinated and ... blown away by everything that I couldn't react properly... sorry for that, Maya... your tour was so nice and I really appreciated how you tried guided me through the city... 

Thanks to Aijis photographer/stalker mood! You made so many funny and nice photos of me that it was really hard for me to choose just a few instead of spamming my whole weblog with them.

I always have to chuckle when I remember how I entered your flat the first time and how Shinpei gazed at my girugamesh hoodie and then I saw hers, pendant over one of your chairs... then the Assassin's Creed - situation. I wish I would have been able to see your look. (;

Ladies, you are wonderful! I really look forward to December and keep my fingers crossed that everything will work well.

 photospam: on 

gathered. ♥

My trip to Duisburg (20th of July)
ruins near Golm, mammoth in Magdeburg, sockets in the train & super delicious donuts...

I arrived around 5pm and we spend the evening watching LM.C and playing some games at PS2.

On the 21st we went to Duesseldorf to show me around... (that sounds sowhat awkward) 

Aiji & Shinpei
Maya and Yuku
 tram pic's - whoho! ♥

 Maya was right - it really looks like for a magazine...

Aiji had the strange habit to take photos of me when I was blinking, drinking or eating...
But it was delicious and I look surprisingly good in them. haha
BTW: Maya did my make-up and Shinpei helped me with my hair.

 I already told you. Same passion - same hoodie. (I'm soo super small O-O)

A few photos of Duesseldorf... it was really sunny and nice

And the 22nd - when I went back home again... 
11h... because we had rail replacement service. 
There is hardly anything more annoying if you just want to get home...

To end this: many of those photos were taken from Aijis and Mayas cam. 
Thank you again for sending them to me ... ♥

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  1. Glückwunsch zu deiner (Genehmigung) Japan Studie! ^___^
    Ihr scheint eine menge Spaß gehabt zu haben in Düsseldorf :D Ihr seid alle blond o_o haha

  2. Glückwunsch!! <3
    Und so schöne Bilder ^o^
    Und giruuu!!

  3. Yeeey, endlich der Post :'DD ♥
    Es war ein tolles Wochenende, jaah *__*
    Und ich hoffe auch, dass das über Silvester alles klappt! >__<

  4. Sieht nach einer Menge Spaß aus! *Q*
    Ich will auch mal wieder nach Düsseldorf~ hach.. so lange her!!

  5. Ohhh jetzt möchte ich auch mal wieder nach Düsseldorf T.T Freut mich dass ihr so eine schöne Zeit hattet :) Ihr seht alle hübsch aus ♥und gut drauf!
    xoxo Keki

  6. I just love this pics - u girls are just super beautiful ! :3

    And .. ah that girugamesh hoodie .. ; --- ; ♥