23 August 2012

{gets} Beautiful Helsinki City Gifts Giveaway Gets

It's already late where I live but I just NEED to share this with you!
I'm not sure if I actually told but I won Kiki's lovely HELSINKY CITY GIFTS GIVEAWAY
It was the first time ever, ever, ever that I won anything and I was so happy and excited since I knew she would send it to me.
So this noon the package finally arrived safely and I couldn't help but had to unwrapp everything immediately.
Of course I'll show you every single good again, though some of you might rememeber the photo Kiki had at her giveaway post already.

.... straight from Instagram again.

This is the package I got and wohoo. 
I love the Monki shopping bag she used to wrapp everything in the package. *^*

And here we go with all those lovely gets. 
I just realized how super much it was, when I took the photos.
Wow and thank you again!

 fortune cookie was all broken but the saying is such a nice one!

wild&crazy x wild&mild
- never saw such an amazing green before!
absolutely love the lashes! ♥

 I think those food related items were the actual highlight of the whole giveaway
though I love the lashes super much!


... and a lovely letter. You have a beautiful handwriting, Kiki!

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  1. I'm very glad that you got this package safely ^^ It's so nice to hear that you like the prize much. It seems that the right person won this giveaway : )

    My handwriting is beautiful? Are you serious? That was a very big politeness! Because I think my handwriting is really messy :' )

    1. Aww C:

      Haha, you wouldn't say something like that if you ever saw my handwriting... (;

  2. Congratulations on winning!
    It looks like a lovely little goodie bag~! (*^^*)