23 August 2012

{fashion} July's outfit #2

There are still three coordinates worn in July waiting so I'll continue with #2 now.

★ headband by selfmade
★extensions by HAIRTRADE
★ fur collar by NEWYORKER (part of a coat)
★ black cardigan by H&M
★ skull top by H&M (Prague)
★ hot pants by H&M
★ bunny bag by C&A
★ dotted tights by ???
★ knee highs by NEWYORKER
★ fur ankle boots by Deichmann
★ jewelry by RANDOM

N/B: One of my most favorite coordinates... nyah

 now listening to: TOY SOLDIER by SuG 


  1. sehr hübsch :3 wieso machst du die outfits eig alle nacheinander? könntest doch eig alle zusammen posten, dann hinkst du nicht mit den post hinterher ö.ö oder ist das gewollt? :3

    1. das hinterher hinken ist nicht gewollt, die outfits poste ich aber sowieso extra... (;

  2. WOW, das Outfit sieht ja mal richtig toll aus♥ *O*

  3. That outfit is just so amazing !

    You look REALLY gorgeous and beautiful ! ♥

    .. I'm sorry, I cant even say any wise words :----D But rly, more updates like this.

    Ps. .. can I steal that skull top ~