26 August 2012

{fashion} July's outfit #3

Next I'll continue with the tags I still have to answer....
I'm actually not sorry for my absense because I spend some nice days at Kathis place... doing NOTHING but LAN partying. We got quite nerdy, friends.... (x

★ knitted head by C&A
★ leopard jacket by NEWYORKER
★ dino t-shirt by NEWYORKER
★ pink pants by mister*lady
★ sneakers by Deichmann
★ bag by David & Goliath
★ jewelry&accessoires by random

N/B: most colorful coordinate so far. But it was against the bad weather on the day I wore it anyway.

 now listening to: Wings by Big Bang 


  1. I have the same shoes, but I really like your outfit *-*

  2. ohhh cool :D sehr knallig bunt, passend zum sommer! ^.^
    die jacke ha ich übrigends auch XD nur in schwarz ♥

  3. Oh gad, I love your t-shirt! It's so damn cute! x3