6 September 2012

{life update} My Creeper Failure [I was a sale post!]

Acutally the title says everything.
As you might know I ordered a beautiful pair of creepers about two months ago... 
Let's skip the part where I waited super long for them to arrive and of course had to pay some customs... the nub of the matter is that Japanese shoes are - how I actually should assumed earlier - quite small. 
They tend to be a small 38 or whatever.
And so they don't fit me. Really. I can't wear those absolutely beautiful shoes without breaking my toes or rip my heels...
No. Actually it's not that bad. 
But they are still too small for me to wear them without ... yeah. See above.

As far as I can see they have good quality and I really, really love their look.
But I can't keep them because I definitely have a 240/24.0 size or maybe a 245/24.5 size already.
That's what I learned through all this. haha

So I want to sell my beauties here!
Of course I want you, my dear readers to get a small advantage... because I'll try to sell them to you at first only! (before I'll sell them somewhere else, if no one wants them... *sobsob*)

They are so beautiful. I love them. ;o;

A pair of white creepers from Bodyline, 23.5 size - what's a small 38 in European size and a.... 5 in Britan, 7.5 US, ... I won't do this further... you can ask me about this or just convert by yourself here
They are actually not used at all - brand new. I wore them - maybe... for 10 minutes maximum. 
for 35€ + shipping (4.50€ in Germany; 10.60€ in Europe, 16.00€ intercontinental).
I paid 57USD + customs... so it's quite fair I guess.

Leave a comment if you are interested or write me a short mail at yuku.post@gmx.de !
Of course, you can contact me if you have any other questions as well - I won't chop your head off.

EDIT: I sold them now. Thanks to Kleiderkreisel - what a fantastic website, I say!!

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  1. Hello, sweetie! I tagged you for the "Liebster Blog Award" in my blog! Check out this post for more information: http://bubblipop.blogspot.se/2012/09/the-liebster-award_6.html

  2. I'm not interested but I'm sorry they don't fit you! Ah, the dangerous perils of ordering online. I have ordered some one size items in the past which didn't fit me and also a pair of shoes I wish was 0,5cm bigger!

  3. Hast du auch ein Ticket für Dortmund? Ich würde dich nämlich mal total gerne kennen lernen x3

  4. I like those creepers.
    You just gained a follower, I liked your previous posts as well :3

    xxx Lara