8 September 2012

{★} 3 super short tag games

This is a - obviously in Germany started - tag game I got a while ago three times. That's why - now when I finally do it - I'll answer all three tags in this post.

I hope you are all OK with this.
I'll translate the rules for you now and then get going!

#1 Write down who tagged you and link the person.
#2 Write 8 facts about yourself regarding the chosen topic.
#3 Tag 10 8 other people.
#4 Chose a new theme for the tagged bloggers.
#5 Let them know that you tagged them.

So: Thanks to Angi, Dai and MinYoung for your tags.

Topic #1 (Angi): Traveling
1 I love to travel.
2 Actually I never went to vacation with my whole family. Not really.
3 I went to Sweden, Poland, Italy, Czechia and Britain already. Way too less.
4 I really want to go to Japan, South Korea, Finland and the USA.
5 I love to fly, though I only did it once till now.
6 Fortunately I actually never get motion sick.
7 I love foreign countries.
8 It would be awesome if I could make money with traveling.

Topic #2 (Dai): Childhood
1 It's still not over.
2 I used to have tons of Playmobil.
3 I didn't had a computer and Internet till I was... about 12. And this was good!
4 I loved to play Pokémon with my class mates in elementary school.
5 I was.... 8 when I wrote my first small stories. Now I love fanfictions... (;
6 For me my childhood was really precious and I wouldn't wanna miss a thing.
7 My grandma, my dad, my brother and I went to the Baltic Sea in summer almost every year.
8 I was a quite ordinary child.

Topic #3 (MinYoung)Future
1 I don't like to think too far in future. The thought about what might be in 5 or 10 years makes me nerveous.
2 I'm quite positive towards my future.
3 I still don't know for sure what my future will looks like but I like that feel.
4 I think parents shouldn't be too worried and focused on their childrens future. I mean - it's their life.
5 Anyway, we always SHOULD care about our future.
6 Giving some ordinary answers: I would like to become a good blogger or v-logger in closer future.
7 I hate New Year's resolutions because most of us all won't ever do what we say then. They make me unsatisfied with myself because I usually don't reach them.
8 Future without Present is less more than a thought. You always have to act to achieve something.

My new topic: Seasons

Tagged people: veru + p*chan + Kiki + Metal_Minish + lygo + musu + kasui + Miya

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  1. Hehe. (Greetings from Finland)!
    I don't really get why people want to go to Finland. It's frikkin cold already now and really nothing so much to see. Well some good bands maybe, but they take tours abroad too x)

    xxx Lara


    1. I think it's normal that people think their own home country isn't that super interesting for others. Especially in Europe... (;
      But I think every country has its specific nice places and occations to experience. :D

    2. Hehe. I guess so. When I lived in Japan, I noticed the Japanese peeps are proud of their country tho (for a reason) but they are also pretty interested in Finland (hokuo-buumu, the North-trend plus some specific bands, methinks).
      I would like to go for Oktoberfest.

  2. ohh another duty XD ok, i'll try my best to fill it up tomorrow maybe, or next week ;3 *lazy ass*

  3. You could become a pilot, or captain of a ship and travel while earning money! XD

    Thanks for tagging me, I'll get to is as soon as I can~ ^o^