11 September 2012

{make up} REVIEW: E.O.S Ice Blue

Obviously it took me forever to do this review.  Or well - actually just to finally write it now.
But I felt like my blog need something more than just the usually chatter about my everyday life. I always wanted to do some reviews. Here we go with my first one!

E.O.S Ice Blue circle lenses

Image 1
brand: E.O.S
weight: 100.00grams

diameter:  14.8mm
water content: 38%
base curve: 8.8mm
life span: 1 year disposal

I bought them... in May for my prom night but I end up wearing my second pair later... 
I'll review this sooner or later as well.
I bought them at maplelens because I already read on friend's blogs that they have a quite good customer service and are reliable and - my man! - they are.
I really, really recomment ordering circle lenses there. maplelens is a online shop located in Malaysia which sells Korean circle lenses. During the last few months they got a super huge range of products!
The customer service is fast and really friendly. They'll always try to help you if you have questions or anything. It really was a great first experience to buy my lenses there.
The fact that you are able to chose shipping per FedEx made it even better. You might pay a little more for shipping then but your parcel will arrive super fast. I got my package about 3-4 days after I ordered. That is awesome.

As a special feature you get a cute animal case for your lenses. You have to buy contact lenses solution by yourself but that's not such a big obstacle. The solution I use now costed about 5€ in pharmacy.

SERVICE/SHOP: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

see how long I'm planning to do this. the old logo...

There's not much to say about their enlargement - I mean - these are 14.8mm and I learned that I seem to have quite small iris...? Because the enlargement is HUGE for 14.8mm. I think this is my favorite size so far.
I heard about people wearing 15 and also 16mm.... I would die. haha

ENLARGEMENT: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I used to be a blonde child with blue eyes. That was one of the reasons why I've choosen Ice Blue.
The surprise came when I first tried them on - what was a burden seriously (first tries are never easy!!) - my eye color must have changed during the last year. But though my eye's are almost grey with a tinge of green they blend pleasant. If you pay attention to it you will notice the difference but generally I'm really content with the pattern and the outcome of them.
I think it's really pretty that they seem kinda dark inside but if you step outside, with natural light - they get quite light again and don't seem to be that dark anymore. Maybe it's not good for circle lenses when they have no... steady color - but I think it's kinda cool and really nice. ㅋㅋㅋ
The only thing you might complain about is that their deep blue color isn't really natural.

with inside light.
with natural light.
COLOR/DESIGN: ★ ★ ★ ★ 

I wore them quite often till now. I really like to wear them - also because they are bigger than my other pair of lenses and give a better effect then. I have to admit that I was really surprised how comfy they are. 
I don't use eye drops that often - actually never... (though it would be better for my eyes!) but I can wear them quite long with almost no irritation anyway.
Sometimes my sight get a little blurry but I couldn't figure out till now if it really is because of the lenses or if my make-up is an issue as well. Though I'm quite satisfied with them my eyes will get 'tired' after some hours and feel irritated then nonetheless. Especially if you go to a movie - eheh

COMFORT: ★ ★ ★ ☆

To end this two small shots with slight make up and an all things considered mark!

 again: inside light ↑ & natural light ↓ .

ALL IN ALL: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

I hope you liked my first review and it gave you a roughly impression of this product.

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  1. Well I liked this review - rly !

    + those lenses are so beautiful + your eyes .. so pretty. So yea, looks great on you.

  2. like the review a lot and I love the lenses!

    1. I think I would do my reviews a little differently when I come around to do another one now... but thanks a lot :D

  3. I've already done your tag game ;3