25 September 2012

{life update} random update & questions

Just one more week before university starts... yuku gets jittery. 

I use this time to get important stuff done... like meeting some friends before they'll move to the other side of the world (west, west, southwest Germany), sparing with Deutsche Bahn, claiming that I finally tidy up my desk (and my room, and bathroom, and my lounge - hoho) but not doing it actually, thinking about applying for BAföG but not understanding anything when it gets kinda serious, spazzing out because I'm going to order an upgrade ticket for An Cafe in November as soon as possible (Thursday) to see all of them at first hand,... and playing some Pokémon or Final Fantasy XII of course. 

I'll do some late outfit post from August later but there is a question I wanted to ask my beloved readers for some time now. You are almost 50 now! Beloved crazy people, you! 
I really thought about doing other stuff on my weblog as well. Not only everyday yada yada yada but deeper blog posts. Of course it's easier to just talk about my life what's not necessarily boring but still sorta lame because I'm kinda awkward.
But my blog is a place where I want to share my opinions and deep thoughts as well.
I want to talk and discuss with you people. This blog is like... a mouthpiece for the bubbly colorful slightly strange person I am and the universe inside my head.
So lately I really feel ambitious to write longer posts... about love, about feelings, about controversies or stuff you want to discuss or know my opinion about. Fandoms, games or music videos (!!! I noticed that I'd love to do music video reviews. maybe I'm too nasty lately... - I know you are out there, EYK fans!) image

But I also know that we Internet people tend to be waaay too lazy to read long texts...
You are, aren't you? So how about opening a youtube channel and holding my discussions there?
It's not like I'm not... webcam-shy but I'm willing to overcome this because this blog means quite much to me actually. It's a place where I can fulfil myself a bit. 
The main reason for my shyness is actually just the fact that there are soooo incredibly many talented and funny youtubers out there and I'm betwixt and between. image

So I will start a poll - I guess. Do you want yukulicious on Youtube or are you willing to read super long, thought provoking, emotional texts here?

+ some random update stuff:
★ TVXQ released a new music video: Catch Me. Unfortunately I didn't find a version which didn't fall victim to the GEMA, so I use this to at least listen to the song - constantly today.
I'm actually not following their activities actively anymore but it happened that I saw it two days ago when I was with Cat and Henny. 
I have to say - I like it. Changmin and Yunho have a kind of... gorilla expression at the beginning (that's not offensive - I hope!! image) and the MV seemed quite strange at some points but there are definitely many points I like. The choreography for example. The parts with their shining arms and the acrobatics - Kudos! 
It reminded me of Transformers sometimes - but hey, Transformers is cool.
Strange enough, but I personally love the sound of the song. 
I never enjoyed dubstep so much before. image

★ I was able to sell my creepers. Thanks to Kleiderkreisel. If I'll ever muck out my dressers you might find stuff from me there again. This website is really, really an achievement. At least for all German followers (who don't know it yet) I can highly recommend it, if you want to sell, buy (second hand) or swap clothes, shoes, ...

Maybe I'll do a nice picture heavy blog post to introduce my tumblr to you - who didn't found it in the main menu above yet. Maybe.... if I don't forget or am too busy, complaining about my untidy desk and all the stuff I have to do, just to do something else then and procrastinate again. image

old derp spam:

Please leave some comments  - don't let me down here like a complete moron. & have a nice week, crazy people! 

 now listening to: Catch Me by TVXQ 


  1. Ich würd mich total freuen was von deinen tiefergehenden Gedanken zu lesen^^
    Aber wenn du Lust hast, nen yt channel zu starten, dann solltest du das tun. Man sollte immer das machen, worauf man Bock hat :)

    1. Ist ja irgendwie aus beidem bisher nicht so viel geworden... na ja mal sehen ;D