19 October 2012

{life update} my first university day

Tadah! I'm finally back here. 
I was so busy with school university and work and sooo tired that I wasn't able to do anything online weekdays... image
My first week with lectures is over and I'm so happy. I really, really feel that it was the right decision to go for Japanese Studies. All my lectureres are so nice. Especially my two Japanese teachers are utterly adorable. I feel so comfortable in my courses though everything is still new and kinda strange.
Sometimes I still get lost with all the rooms and houses and everything but I'm doing my best and actually there's nothing bad about training my sense of direction a bit. 

But after I finished my homework for next week 
(and because I have an awesome time table with no lectures on Friday!!) 
I was able to do some stuff for my blog today.
I'm sure you noticed the header above. I'm actually quite content with it.
I just need a better cell phone (cam) because I'm always too lazy to use my actual camera though I'm carried it along the whole week. Ugh! image

As the title says I'm doing some kinda life update this time because I already told you the last time I'll write about my frist day in university (actually my first information event) on 1st October and how I spend the rest of the day with my friend Lil.
The event started at 10' and afterwards I made a short visit at my grand parent's house which's not far from university. I got some apple pie and hot chocolate  but I didn't eat too much because Lil and me wanted to go for some sushi.

We met at Alexanderplatz but head to one of my favorite BBT stores and to Neo Tokyo to get me a copy of An Cafe's new mini album AMAZING BLUE  (gonna do a review on this later, maybe) before we finally got our lunch.
We went to the Alexa shopping center as well and I got some stuff from claire's and the second part of the Kingdom Hearts: Chains of Memories manga, until we went back home in the early evening.
We had so much fun and laughed hard many times! It was a really great day!! image

  I love those two photos! Lil took them. 

 We also visited Berlin's bears. Do you know their compound? Lil told me she didn't even know they were excisting and I was so shocked! I knew them since I was little because my dad lives near the small park they're in. 

 even more food sweets! 

I think I'll do an extra haul post later. Please wait for it! image

And one of the CDs I ordered for my friend Kathi came:

BtoB's 1st minialbum
+ upper cute yoseob socks I could keep. 

I hope that university won't keep me form posting regulary.
Maybe I should set a schedule for me. 
Like: A bigger (or at least one) blogpost every Friday? Maybe.
There are still some rather interesting posts waiting to be published...
I hope you're looking forward to it with a little patience! 

now listening to: Don't Hate Me by EPIC HIGH 


  1. YOSEOB!!! Ohh, jetzt bin ich ja mal mega neidisch ;_; ♥ die sind ja putzig!
    Hachja, scheint ja einiges bei dir passiert zu sein ;3 Würde auch dafür stimmen, dass du regelmäßig schreibst, also so wie du es sagtest; jeden Freitag oder so ^^
    Würde mich freuen! :3

    1. Danke. x3
      Ich werde tun was ich kann! :D
      Ja, die Yoseob-Socks sind echt süß... So hätte ich mir wohl keine geholt... aber jetzt wo ich so ein süßes Paar habe, ist man doch versucht vielleicht doch für etwas Kleingeld... Argh! Ich hab einfach 'ne schwäche für süße Items... v//v

  2. du siehst auf den fotos süß aus *Q*

    was für einen bubble tea hast du getrunken :3 ?

    1. Awww danke. <3

      Hm? Wenn ich mich richtig erinnere: Honey Drew Milk Tea + Litchi Jelly (;