3 October 2012

{fashion} August's outfit #2 [august's missing outfits]

I'll write about my first day in university and the poll I started some days ago in another post...
'need to get rid of those super old outfit shots... 
That's why I decided to gather them all together now - unlike I did the past times - and finish August's outfits with this. Here we go!

★ extensions by HAIRTRADE
★ cardigan by H&M
★ Kisses T-Shirt by TK*MAX
★ hot pant by H&M
★ knee highs by NEWYORKER
★ chucks by AllStars
★ accessory by RANDOM

★ faces mash top by C&A
★ tank top by H&M
★ pants by 1982
★ boots by Deichmann
★ accessory by RANDOM

 Some rather sad announcements:
I don't know when I'll be able again to access to my Instagram or use it actively because my old iPhone banished it next to Twitter, WhatsApp and even NyanCat yesterday. *かくさこう just doesn't know how to deal with all those higher iOS standards. 
Not sure if I'll be able to fix it (I doubt) and how and when I'll be able again to get on Instagram  and everything... SORRY. image

 now listening to: Hallelujah by BigBang 


  1. big bang's hallelujah is awesome~

  2. uuh >D süße outfits, besonders das zweite find ich echt hübsch *3*

  3. Die Outfits gefallen mir ♥