21 October 2012

{fashion} September's outfits

I wonder if this will probably ever end... 
somehow I never get everything done in time... at least when it's about my dear blog.
I'm so sorry...
Actually I thought I'll finally get going with the last bits of my music video challenge but then I saw that I totally forgot all the photos of September and though I didn't do quite much I have some outfit shots I won't withhold.
That means - outfit post - whohoo! 

★ hair extensions by HAIRTRADE
★ sushi t-shirt by David&Goliath
★ cardigan by H&M
★ hotpants by RANDOM
★bag by David&Goliath
★ leggins by NEWYORKER
★ boots by Deichmann
★accessory by RANDOM

I wore it when I went to the movies with my dear friend p*chan and her dance school team.
As it had to be we saw a dance movie; Step Up 4 - Miami Heats. Usually not the best plot - a love story with controversy and drama but still kinda predictable... but I really, really was amazed by the performances and dances and I kinda liked that one artist-dude who actually wasn't dancing but important for their THE MOB project and everything...

★ photo top by C&A
★ pants by 1982
★ accessory by RANDOM
★ hair extensions by see coord above 
★ cardigan by 
★ bag by 

I wore this in the end of September when I met my former girlfriend Vici and we had some talk and coffee/hot chocolate in our highschool's town. It was a quite nice day

 Nillili Mambo by Block B 


  1. I really envy you.

    Why ?

    You are just so beautiful and I love all your outfits so much .. ; ;

    And it was nice to hear that what kind of movie that Step Up 4 is - I rly like to see that movie, but .. ok, 3 was great, but others .. I just liked those 'dance parts' so :---D

    1. aaww. Thank you so much. ♥
      But you are a quite pretty person too!

      The dance-parts are really, really amazing! If it's about that I highly recommend this movie! *^*

  2. You look so lovely once again<3

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