28 October 2012

{★} JuBaFilms ft. B-Boy Blond: Me against Myself

JuBaFilms just made me realize how absolutely admirable skilled dancers are and how much work and talent you need to do something amazing like THAT!
I'm astonished again - guys, you get me anew with almost every video you make... image
I especially like this one because of their brilliant editing which fits incredibly good into the video's story board - next to B-Boy Blond's dancing skills... he really must be a legend in this 'scene'.
I'm not good in dancing so I don't know too much about this either - I'm just fangirling; sorry. image

Just watch it. It's worth it. image


  1. Geniales Video!! Der Tanzt echt richtig gut und du hast recht die Kammeraarbeit und alles passt perfekt!! Danke für's zeigen! ^-^

    1. Gern! ♥
      Wozu hab ich schließlich einen Blog, wenn nicht um meine Begeisterung zu teilen ? (;

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