9 November 2012

{fashion} October's outfits [1/3]

I'm sorry there was no update last week end. 
University showed its dark side for the first time and I had to work on a damn presentation the whole time for which I forgot my powepoint presentation in the end and did it without. 

Also a belated: 
In the state where I'm living 31st of October is a holiday so my siblings and everyone had a day off... but me. I'm studying in the neighbour state where this holiday doesn't exist and so I had to go to university like everyday... Maybe this is one of the reasons I wasn't THAT super keen on halloween and didn't do anything special. 

Also sorry again because this won't be anything more than a outfit post. I just made so many outfit shots that it would get too long and that's why I devided October's outfits in 3 parts...

★ hair extensions by HAIRTRADE
★ tube scarf by H&M
★skirt dress (men's skirt) by C&A
★ pants by mister*lady
★ shoes by Deichmann
★ accessory by RANDOM

★ blazer by C&A
★ star t-shirt by C&A
★ hot pants by RANDOM
★ skull tights by claire's 
★ shoes by see coord above
★ accessory by RANDOM

★ cardigan by H&M
★ skull top by C&A
★ hot pants by RANDOM
★ skull tights by claire's
★ accessory by RANDOM

★ wig by ebay
★ cardigan by see coord above 
★ shirt by H&M
★ robot necklace by NEWYORKER
★ pants by 1982
★ boots by Deichmann

Unfortunately not every shot is really good and those are pretty old already. I added the date of them on every photo and you will see there are some missing. When I had no university for example.
I really hope I'll be able to do some proper entries again soon... next to missing outfit posts. image

 Beautiful Night by B2ST 


  1. Süße Outfits ♥ meine Favoriten sind 1 und 4 *_* ♥

  2. loving the red pants and skull leggings *_* I really want to be able layer like that but damn, it's scorching hot here in the Philippines. I'm waiting for the day when it might actually get colder, but it probably won't come D:

    P.S. your cat is awesome


    1. thanks. <3
      I have another cat who looks almost the same, haha.

      on the other hand you don't have to cope with freezing temperature like -20°C like we had last winter... x___x

  3. Ich mag alle Outfits total *-*

  4. ohhh, I LOVE those outfits *-* especially the third one x3 and also your hair!
    btw, i really like your articles, it all looks sweet, aww those emoticons x33

    1. aww. thanks. I try my best to make them as pleasant as possible. I'm happy you like them. ♥

  5. Sieht nicht schlecht aus :D
    mir gefällt das dritte outfit recht gut