14 November 2012

{fashion} October's outfits [2/3]

I'm so sorry... 
Seems like it doesn't get any better - actually I wanted to give you the next part earlier...
Anyway. Here we go now then... I'll work on "real" posts soon again.
I'm sorry for that... boring stuff right now. 

★ hat by C&A
★ wig by ebay
★ tube scarf by H&M
★ t-shirt by LM.C
★ pants by 1982
★ boots by NEWYORKER

★ extensions by HAIRTRADE
★ hair band ; selfmade
★ tube scarf ; see coord above 
★ sweater by H&M
★ hot pants by RANDOM
★ leggins by NEWYORKER
★ shoes ; see coord above 

★ extensions ; see coord above 
★ cardigan by H&M
★ t-shirt by COLLOSEUM
★ hot pants ; see coord above 
★ knee highs by NEWYORKER
★ boots by Deichmann

★ hairband ; selfmade
★ glasses by claire's
★ t-shirt by NEWYORKER
★ cardigan ; see coord above 
★ pants by COLLOSEUM
★ boots by NEWYORKER

I noticed myself that I have my lazy days where I don't want to dress up too pretty and everything and other days were I'm really happy doing it.
When do you guess, I was too tired to think of a 'proper' outfit? 



  1. your outfits are always so gorgeous! They look all different, I like it *-*

    1. I'm glad you like them. I change my style with my mood most of the time... I guess it's so various because of that. ♥

  2. All are proper, you should see me when I'm un-proper ;D
    x, Lara

  3. aww, very nice outfits! you have very cool pieces of clothes x3

  4. Wow, I really love your leggings in the second pic ♥__♥

  5. Love the leggings and the H&M scarf~ <3

    Nice coords! XD

    1. maybe you are lucky and find them still somewhere? :)
      thanks!! ♥