28 December 2012

{★} One Lovely Blog Award 「belated」

Also belated but not a pixel less lovely the renomination for the One Lovely Blog Award I got from アリ☆ぴんぴ娘 in the beginning of December. image

Post the award image on your blog post/sidebar/page.
Link the person who has awarded you.
Post 7 random things about you.
Nominate other 15 relatively new blogs.

 I won't nominate 15 but 5 blogs. 'need to tag so many people today... 

7 Random Facts about me:
I'm living at my parents house.
I fell in love with Korean sweets I got for Christmas from my boyfriend. 
I lack of confidence at times.
I love animation movies.
I have super dry skin and need to put on lotion on my elbows at least once a day to prevent them from getting sore.
I eat without gaining weight. it's annoying, dude!
I don't wear make up when I stay home [at weekend; on vacation].

image Nominees: 
Kasui     ~*NeNe*~  Jenny ♥  CookieCat

I hope I'll be able to prepare the other games too. But they need a bit more of preparation... 
I hope for the best. image

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