1 March 2013

song of the month ✧ FEBRUARY

Oh my god. image
I'm so horribly sorry. I didn't do an update in a month!
I'm inconsolable. I'm so sorry. Really. I just was so busy with my exams and then my first semester break started and now I'm more like preparing my trip to Trier and I just had not so much to actually blog about and - to be quite honest - I just forgot. image
Anyways... Now I'm back with the SONG OF THE MONTH [and a new layout!!] again.
And I tried something new with it (the arrangement etc.)... I'd like to know how you like it and if you liked the last one 「January」better or this one. I'm kinda experimenting with my GIMP lately.

I'm not sure if I should be sorry for so much kpop lately... I really tried to look for releases of Japanese bands I follow but it seems like they are all busy in different ways lately... I don't know.
As always it's just MY OPINION!



As some of you might know Daesung from Big Bang releases his first Japanese solo album D'scover and this is his first single from it (as far as I know).
I'm quite a fan of his voice and everything though he's not my Big Bang bias.
I really like the song too because it's a nice ballad and I think Daesung's voice suits here really well, plus a really cute, innocent plot. But as a ballad it's not quite catchy and sadly I tend to forgot the melody and sound of it soon after I listened to it. image


Iconize is the first rookie group of 2013 I heard of.
They are said to be 'one of the most anticipated rookies' but I never heard of them before...
I really hope that this won't diminish their success. As well as their kinda bumpy debut.
I, personally really, really, REALLY like the sound of their song and I also quite like Doo-Ryut's voice. image
They have a quite chill feeling and I think their concert-like concept for a MV is stunning...
but on the other hand I fear that the song itself and its outcome is not catchy or... attention-grabbing enough for a debut in KPOP business. I sincerly hope that it won't affect them negatively.
All around there is just one thing I totally disliked about their MV: that strange rapper guy. For me, they appeared like one group, a feeling - I think - is necessary for a band. and I saw a version of that song where one of the guitarists raped the part perfectly so I really see no point in that other rapper guy tossing the whole atmosphere and everything... image
It seems like the song is also translated as "Show you what I've got". Sorry about that.


Japanese Music! Oh yeah! image
So... I was really excited about their new single since I'm a huge fan of their powerful songs and everything... I heard about the teaser and that shower-scenes of Byou and...
Well. They made a pretty good ballad out of it. No half naked Byou for fangirls to drool on... but I guess I can handle this. image
I utterly love the snow and all that surrounding. I have to point out what a hell'a beautiful shots this MV contains but though I like the teardrop ballad more than Utautai no Ballad before I have to say that I couldn't quite succeed growing warm to ballads this month...


Random teentop x yuku fact: I just recently got into N.A.P fanfiction. So if you have anything fluffy or nice for me. Go ahead and mail me or write a comment. hehe 
Now. Back to business: Honestly... I wanna love and me had a quite rough start.
I needed to grow to like it... but now I really do.
At first there was something odd about it I couldn't really put in words but when the chorus began at last that feeling was washed away by all sorts of positive things I couldn't voice either.
I think it was really nice to see them in a video without dance shots because Teen Top are for me especially guys with a strong part in dancing in their MVs and I liked the change. My favorite part is how Chunji stuffs himself with all those pineapples. image


Let's make it short and sweet:
I haven't been into SPEED before so I can't really say anything about them but I liked their last single It's Over already and I think that Pain is at least as good as It's Over was.
The song is catchy and I really, really like the choreography. I just incredibly enjoy listening to that song! image
There are just two small blemishes:
#1 super confusing 'what-the-hell-is-going-on!?'-reaction provoking plot.
#2 confusing sci-fi-like setting for the dance parts. (I like the brownish-golden part. but the blue/yellow thing is aweful) I mean. I like Sci-Fi and a MV with such a concept is (almost) always welcomed but it was yet strange seeing the dance parts combined with this rather anthic looking room in the 'story-mode'. 


I had some rather big trouble being able to ACTUALLY watch the MV when listening to the song because GEMA is an asshole sometimes.... but anyway.
I really, really love the song. It's fantastic. image
It's powerful and oh my god. I can't even describe how much I grow found on this and eventhough the MV is definitely not my favorite of all the things he's done so far - for me - it has something special, something what's still appealing. Kinda. 


Can we just pause for a moment and appreciate how f'cking delicious Ren is?
He looks like vanilla flavored whipped cream. God. I love that boy. He's just too pretty for his own good. Really! (sorry. I'm biased here)

So... Uh. I love the song. I love the tenderness of its sound and I think the connection of dance scenes and story telling parts is smooth and just really beautiful. I don't like that necktie-ripping-movement in the choreography but the rest is really great... the only thing I can't stop wondering is...
Sorry. But... I mean. Seriously? She cheats on the whole band and when the boys find out there are all calm and sad. They don't yell at her - nothing - but she slaps them and freaks out like they had done something wrong. You really should sort out your priorities, hussy. image


 SHINee's back. And I'm really afraid of letter bombs or offensive comments saying I'm not a real shawol because they are 'just' 3rd place. (LOL. not really)
So. The song is simply amazing. It's catchy and upbeat and I'm found of it. I love the microphone stand ninja style kinda choreography - that's really sexy somehow. I like the idea of that weird dream like (no-)plot (though I'm creeped out by your flower-face noona) and I'm an great fan of that scenes of Minho who gets pulled back into that black-and-white room by himself and - even more - of Onew's 'dude, I'm rolling up the wall because I can'-action.
BUT, but, but, but... guys... do us a favor and sack your styling noonas or slap those strange people who made up the fashion concept. You look great in that black/white suits. I'm a fan of suits... but Taemin? Pen pants? Yellow pants in pencil optic? ... no. Just NO. image


Excuse me... but this is stunning.
I absolutely love Miss Right. I have that song stuck in my head since the very first moment I heard it but I don't care. This is pure hilariousness and it's ridiculously awesome.
The song is catchy and upbeat. The MV is just one of the most charming yet funny things I've ever seen and it's just a pleasure to see the 6 of them having so much fun, plus, that choreography guys. That choreography. I love it. In addition I think I'm going to nominate you for my inofficial derps-on-camera-award. Really. image


I love it. That's it. (●´□`)♡
The end.
..... No really. The beginning scene with parts of their PUNCH [also on their new mini album] might be a little confusing but the rest is simply the most bombastic, dramatic, thrilling, awsome thing I've ever experienced in my kpop-life. I love the combination of PUNCH, COMA and ONE SHOT. I love the serious, exciting plot. I love the action scenes (and NO I think they are not too much). I love the choreography [Zelo's skills are definitely beyond amazing]. I love their looks [and I really thought Himchan couldn't look even better. Oh. Of course you neede to prove me wrong]. I love how catchy the sound is. I love the end and the time wrap - though it meant a double attack on my poor baby-heart and it may be a bit needless. It still adds a certain bitter taste to everything and shocked me completely. But -hey- I'm obviously a bit of a pervert and enjoyed that. Bbang's English is... exotic but that's all.
I could go on like that forever. And when I say forever, I mean it guys. FOREVER. (⊙ヮ⊙)
Should I be sorry for being so B.A.P biased lately? Hmm. No. No regrets.

So... we are already at the end again.
I hope you enjoyed my comments to those MVs and I'd really love to hear/read your opinion on them since I think there are some MVs this time who made some kind of controversy.
I also hope that you like my rather subjective comments this time because I thought I should add a personal note to that because - I CAN - no. because that's my blog after all.
And that's what I'm doing... blogging and... sharing my opinion in a cheeky way.

Thanks for your attention and I hope I'll find better time again to blog a bit.
I still need to finish some blog project (a certain challenge for example...) and now where I have at least a bit more of time I should definitely use it to get going with all this old stuff which's waiting to be done on my blog. All those old ideas... all those old plans... everything. haha 


  1. Schickes Layout *3* Bin am überlegen ob ich mir auch wieder was neues anlegen soll...meh v.v;
    die songs gefallen mir alle :D zumindest die koreanischen, die kenn ich ja XD

    1. Danke, danke. ( ´∀`)
      Ich war echt unzufrieden mit meinem letzten und konnte kaum auf meinen Blog gehen bevor ich es geändert habe...
      Manchmal muss sowas einfach sein. hehe