4 March 2013

2013's first couple of months

Because my creativity is an asshole and won't let me finish my NAvi [VIXX] oneshot now I decided to do a blog post about the first two months of this year... it's a bit random but at least I'll be able to tick off a point on my 'semester break to do' - list.

Actually I spend January in University and studying for exams... which I wrote in February before my break started like... two weeks ago? 
So there is not much I can show or talk about.
I'll be on vacation in Trier with Yonghee for two weeks starting this weekend... but because we are like a small family of tumblr-addicted kpop fanatics who read fanfictions, gamble on NDS or Xbox360 and discuss about idol's hair colors for hours (we neither have any problems staying in bed for the whole day)... I'm not that certain I'll have anything interesting to post about afterwards...
Maybe I'll get my results of my Japanese and Literature exam till then...
Now I can proudly proclaim only that I got like the best mark imaginable in my history exams. 

To get some stuff here I'll take some shots from my instagram as well. [follow me if you want; yukulicious].

 I finally got two cases for my phone. This is one of it. It looks so cute and I love the teddy on it but I'm always afraid it will rip off. 
And I went to one of my favorite museums with my Japanese literature class. It's the Ethnology Museum in Dahlem [Berlin].

 Of course some weather related collages. Somehow I like the look of snow but I'm happy that it got so warm the past days that it's almost gone completely now. 

I finally drew again. These are sketches and things I did in January and February including Himchan from B.A.P with gun hands, my team on Pokémon White 2 and Terry Terata and his boyfriend Anthony ㅋㅋㅋ

Yup. Parts of the stuff I had to study... A text for history on which I couldn't concentrate because I always had to think of Key from SHINee reading about 'key voices' or 'key events' and the like... Sometimes it's not easy being a K-Pop fan. 

My three favorite outfits from... February I guess. The first is from my cousines birthday, the second when Hyunki and me picked Yonghee up from the station when she arrived back in Berlin and the last was when I met up with some old class mates. It was a nice afternoon/evening. 

We sat in a café and I had the best white chocolate - caramel - whipped cream drink-thingy ever. It tasted like melted milka chocolate. Just awesome! And the cake was delicious too. I never was in this café before because I'm not that often around there but it was really, really nice. 

That was it. Basically. I think I'll link my formspring soon to my blog. So you can ask me questions and all that stuff. Maybe it will be fun. 


  1. you look awesome like hell!! *o*

    1. oh my god. thank you so much!! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

  2. Love your drawings! Especially the one with your Pokémon team~
    And your outfits are stunning as always ^o^

    1. Thank you so much. I'm sure I'll do other sketches of my pokémon teams from other games of mine as well ... (人´∀`*)

    2. Hnn, now I feel like drawing my team too~ *o*

  3. I really like your style *__* and your drawings are also very nice

  4. You are really good at drawing! : 3 And the middle outfit is totally adorable ^^

  5. :00 weißt du was? Hätte nicht gedacht dass du so gut zeichnen kannst :D (keine beleidigung, bin nur baff *3*) himchan hab ich sofort erkannt, haha XD
    und pkm *__* aww, wobei ich nicht für pflanzen-starter bin :P
    Die outfits sind auch mega schön, mein favo ist das in der mitte! ^.^

    1. Oh danke!
      Es freut mich, wenn ich deine Erwartungen übertroffen habe... haha
      So gut wie du, bin ich leider nicht... aber manchmal hab ich ganz gute Tage und dann zeichne ich ganz gut und bin auch sehr zufrieden mit... (leider nicht immer)
      Ich hab's auch nur bei SW2 gemacht. Sonst bin ich eher so... der Feuer-Typ glaub' ich... xD
      Danke nochmals! (●´∀`●)

  6. Waaa Yuku your photos are so pretty!
    And your illustrations are amazing!
    I adore the second outfit ♥

    1. Thank you so much, Georgia! (*´・v・)

  7. aww, you look so amazing *.* i love those outfits! especially the first one :3 and the chocolate with caamel looks yummy ~
    (and i'll follow you on instagram ;3)