25 March 2013

two weeks with yonghee

As I told you before I spend the last two weeks at my best friend yonghee's place. image
... and as I predicted we didn't actually do anything interesting... but I wrote a couple of new fanfics and I'm going to upload them to my livejournal acc. or asianfanfics.com you can check out both in the sidebar!
[I'll make a seperate post as soon as I uploaded anything to my lj since all my non-kpop-fanfiction will end up there.] 

Though we actually just slept und drew and talked and gambled around I want to share at least a hand full of impressions...

 My luggage and fine weather when we arrived.

 food over food over food. We did a Pirates of the Caribbean marathon - semi-successful. image

 I drew for her... you might have seen the complete outcome on instagram. I actually like just this part.... and also only in this stadium... [tao + panda]  & a close up of my newly decorated day planner. 
I always love to do this stuff. This time I decorated my laptop as well.

planner again front + back

 The way home was kind of a torture because all my ICEs were too late, it was crowded and too cold nonetheless and I needed to wait one hour in Berlin after I missed my last train because of this.... image

Oh. And we watched "TA-DAH! It's B.A.P!".
I guess I'll write another entry about this because... dang!
I just loved it and I love those guys and I just want to write about the series and stuff I watch.
You should prepare yourself for shit like that.
University starts soon but I'm optimistic to get stuff like that started.
Reviews/Opinions about albums and games and make up and a super bombastic haul post [because I didn't do one this year and I was shopping for two or three times already] and crazy stuff like that. image


  1. I LOVE B.A.P.! Please do a post about them. ^_^ All the food looks so yummy!!!

  2. Wahh~ Looks exciting~! >u<
    I love posts like this!

  3. Mwaah, Joltik all over your laptop, it's so cute~ *w*
    I've got this odd idea of making a new team in Pokémon White2 with mainly bug or bug-looking Pokémon... XD

    Seems like you and your friend had an awesome time together! Also glad to see more of your drawings here too~

    1. I love Joltik. It's so cute. (´ ▽`)
      And it's so funny... almost creepy that I have to say: I had an idea like that for some time now too. At least in general.
      I really grew to like bug Pokémon and I wanted to create a character (when not in-game at least on paper) who has bugs only in their team...

      We had. And I'm happy you liked to read about it. (。・ω・。)ノ

  4. I feel like such an idiot haha. I searched all around for your comment link to see how I could post a comment on the comment form then I realized all I had to do was click the title =_="" Sometimes my brain doesn't work very well D:

    Seems like you had a lot of fun with your friend. Really chill. I need some me-time of my own too so I'm a bit envious. :P

    I love the decorations on your laptop! HAHA B.A.P ~ I've been obsessed with them lately. I rewatched their Killing Camp episodes hahaha. I can't wait for their world tour. I hope they release a concert DVD since they won't be coming to my country D:

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. One of my readers on asianfanfics today wrote that incoherence is sexy (and a lol what!?) so don't worry. (;

      I really need to watch their Killing Camp. But I decided to be a bit oldschool and do it chronologically so I need to go with their Diary first, hm? /:
      I hope I'll have time to watch this before my semester break is over...
      I highly doubt they will visit my country either so I hope for a DVD quite a lot too! ♡

  5. Ich wusste gar nicht, dass du fanfics schreibst :o cool, dann werde ich mir mal gleich welche durchlesen gehen! :3
    Deine Mütze auf deinem Gepäck sieht süß aus '*'
    Tao hast du gut hingekriegt (Y) Dein Planner sieht super süß aus *I* hast du voll schön gestaltet :3
    Ta-dah! Tt's B.A.P will ich mir auch noch angucken >.< ja, ich bin einer dieser Personen, die mit den Shows sehr sehr weit hinterher liegt xD
    Haha, ich freue mich schon auf deinen ganzen Stuff :D

    1. Go ahead. :D
      Mich würde es sehr interessieren, wie du sie findest... :]
      Ich liege auch total zurück mit allen möglichen Shows... ><