1 April 2013

song of the month ✧ MARCH

The time has come again.
Today is Easter as well, so at first Happy Easter to all of you. I hope you had a great day with your family.
I had!

Now let's get to business.
As always this is just MY OPINION!
You don't have to agree. You don't have to like. Opinions differ naturally and it doesn't make you a bad person.


It wasn't like I actually anticipated their first Japanese single, but I was really curious and yet had some expectations, when I heard they'll debut in Japan as well now. I had an awkward fascination for their La-Di Da-Di. The song had a quite cool vibe.
Shooting Star is a really nice song too. I actually like it, though I'm kinda crossed with the English parts of the song. It sounds odd. Also the rap part seemed inconvenient this time.... but it's nice though.
The MV in contrast.... really, really, really disappointed me.
I just... I really asked myself afterwards what I just saw. Their outfits in the last parts are hideous and though I like one or two scenes of their light sword-choreography, it looks just ridiculous most of the time.
The only scenes, I really found fascinating, are when they have their 'solos' in front of this canvas.
I'm sorry CROSS GENE & fans... but I wasn't too happy. image

In general I haven't heard much of their songs yet, but everything I witnessed till now was quite appreciated. MIKE(vol.) has a quite unique voice that may seem odd to others, but I like it and I also really liked the song.
It's quite different from the songs I usually tend to show you, but Visual Kei just always and still fascinates me (I love their hair and styling in general) + the music is actually really good.
What I liked most about this MV is the setting. Yes. I'd say the setting with the maison/ville/castle. image

I really, really, really like the sound of the song. It reminds me of Cinema Bizarre's songs a bit... but I can't really name what it is what I like so much about it... hm.
About the MV - devinitely the setting in Tokyo and also the development in the story of it.
One of my favorite scenes is the crumble-up-paper-scene... I can't even really explain why. The song's refrain is really catchy and you might end up singing it the rest of the day after watching the video... image

The song is great and I love the cute yet strangely contextless MV. But still I have to say that I liked Infinite's previous songs more. They were more catchy than Man In Love and... somehow it almost seemed like something's missing in that song/MV, that usually gives that specific 'infinite' feeling. It had an infinite feeling but still... I really can't voice that impression and I won't even say that this is a bad song, because it's definitely not, but I just couldn't... completely get warm with it. Not as much as I got with my TOP 06. I humm along when I listen to the song and quite enjoy it, but... image

This MV is just so super funny and I had to admit that I felt awkwardly addressed and conected with that stalking blonde girl. I don't stalk, but including a crazy fangirl in a MV storyline really was amazing but odd though. I really like the upbeat sound of the song, what makes it overall really fun listening to the song. image

Another debut! M4M are said to do Mandarin and Korean songs. But I have to say I quite enjoy hearing them making Chinese music. Mandarin really suits them and I really, really liked the song. I have a soft spot for their rapper princess Bin - to be quite honest - and though I still don't know how to actually evaluate or appreciate them as a group and their dynamism, I'd say I have a quite positive image of them till now. image

I absolutely love that song and MV.
It's so touching and beautiful... I really don't know what else to say about it or how I should justify the decision to make them my 4th place. I think it's my tendency to overrate fast and upbeat songs  towards slower songs or ballads. Usually I'm easily annoyed by sob-stuff and melodramatic songs and ballads, but Fire in contrast was just beautiful and soulful. image

This is just such an amazing party song. 
So upbeat and fun to watch the MV. It's so enjoyable and I love to listen to it...
I got quite biased over them the past months - at least when they gave me the chance to - and I didn't regret it yet. I had to think about BEAST's Beautiful Night a bit when I watched it, but in oposite to their partying crowd there, it seemed really natural in We Are The Night. I liked that a lot. image

I had a catchy tune of that song for almost one week. It was awesome... and surprisingly I really didn't get bored of it at all. Honestly, it would be my Song of the Month if I focused on K-Pop only. But obviously I don't. Sorry U-KISS, sorry Kiss-Me.
There is actually not so much to say here. I love the song, I love the refrain... as almost always I love their dance parts. The only thing I don't like is that creepy woman which appears quite randomly in the MV to replace the missing plot. You don't necessarily need one, OK guys?
I'm all OK with just seeing you dance for 3:40minutes or more. I don't mind at all. image

This song is great and the MV is beautiful. I saw and listened to it and was just amazed.
Deal with it. image
Shou's voice is still so pleasant in my ears and I just appreciated to hear those - indeed - soft rock sounds almost too much. I really, really asked myself if I might actually take the liberty to just make this to my song of the month, without proper arguments.... But this just imprinted on me so much that I couldn't get the beautiful yet dreary setting out of my head and especially the scene you also see on the photo above, just wouldn't leave my mind anymore. I have no words for that, but I quite enjoy it. haha image

I'd really, really like to know which song you liked the best this month so I'd appreciate almost nothing more than comments with your opinion. image
I also heard/read that most of you have Spring Break now and I really hope you'll spend some great time to relax a bit... my semester break is almost at its end and I'm curious about my new semester in university. I really need to practise and study Japanese this last week now so I'll be prepared when it starts again!


  1. Shooting Star von CROSS GENE finde cih ganz ok :)
    Infinite's Man in Love liebe ich einfach♥ ich bin froh, dass sie so ein süßes Lied wieder raus gebracht haben :3 einfach Infinite♥
    Bei Yongsaeng's MV musste ich auch lachen xD Wie die das MV aufgebaut haben finde ich richtig toll o-o
    MYNAME's Song ist ein ear catcher owo
    U-Kiss's Standing Still..hmm..also mich catcht dieses Lied nicht >~< es klingt einfach wie all ihre anderen Songs auch ._.
    Overall, am besten gefällt mir diesen Monat Girl's Day Expectation und Infinite's Man in Love :3

    1. Danke für deinen Beitrag! :D
      Ich mag den Song von CROSS GENE eigentlich auch. Nur das Video hat mich nicht sehr gut gefallen... leider.
      Da ich kaum - gar keine Girlbands höre, konnte ich Girl's Day schlecht miteinbinden aber das mit Infinite erklärt sich Recht schnell, schon allein weil der Song wirklich toll ist und du - meines Wissens - ein kleiner Inspirit. (;

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    1. They are all linked. When you click at the pictures they'll open. (: