14 April 2013

introducing ごくせん ♡

I just finished my texts for Japanese Social Studies and it was hell. I swear.
After that I decided to watch a drama, I haven't done this in ages... to relax a bit before I go to bed...

I did the horrible mistake to start one of the dramas/shows [there are quite a hand full currently] that I set out to watch in my New Years Resolution Tag months ago.
Actually a good thing, but I didn't take in mind that I tend to react that drastic... oh my feels! 
It's just probably my most favorite j-drama ever.
So after rewatching the first episode of season 1, I just felt the urge to write this here.
I hope it won't be too rushed and everything. Usually I prepare my entries at least a bit... not with that one.
It's an impulsive thing now. haha

A Japanese drama [comedy/school] first broadcasted in 2002.
It's based on the manga Gokusen by Morimoto Kozueko [森本梢子].

The idealistic young highschool teacher, Yamaguchi Kumiko [Nakama Yukie], raised by a yakuza-clan that mustn't be found out, becomes homeroom teacher of the hardest classes to maintain in the school. A bunch of rowdies that don't mind getting violent against their teachers as well...

The casts of all three seasons and the movie, they produced after the great success, is riddled with famous actors and idols like Matsumoto Jun and Oguri Shun in season 1, KAT-TUN's Kamenashi Kazuya and [ex] Akanishi Jin in season 2, as well as members of B.A.D [Nakama Junta & Kiriyama Akito], Hey!Say!JUMP!'s Takaki Yuya and one of my favorite actors; Miura Haruma in season 3 ...

I actually don't want to say anything else... just WATCH IT! 
Really! It's so worth it, if you like action and comedy.... and I swear I never get tired of it.
I watched the second season two and the thrid season almost three times [yep. I'm completely biased here] and it just won't get boring...

Kazama Ren[Miura Haruma] & Ogata Yamato[Takaki Yuya] 
Yabuki Hayato[Akanishi Jin] & Odagiri Ryu[Kamenashi Kazuya] 

Let's be honest... it's a drama stuffed with good looking men. ... Of course I have my OTPs!  [who would I be without?]

this picture actually sums up everything. I love it. 

I hope you liked it and this won't turn out to be a complete fail... 
I'll go now, search for some Gokusen fanfictions and sleep then. Good Night! 


  1. Replies
    1. To be honest... they were my first reason to start watching this dorama. (●´∀`●)

  2. Waaahhh... du bist auch ein Gokusen Fan?!!!!
    Das find ich so toll, ich liebe auch alle drei Staffel, wobei ich zugeben muss das ich immer noch nicht den Finalen Film geguckt hab! >-<
    Aber die Staffel hab ich auch schon öfter noch mal geguckt, sie sind aber auch einfach nur super toll!!! *0*

    1. Natürlich!
      Der Film ist wirklich schön, weil neue, aber auch ganz viele alte Charaktere wieder auftauchen und man sie z.T. kaum wiedererkennt... :D
      Kann ich dir also nur ans Herz legen, wenn dir die restlichen Staffeln schon gefallen haben. (^_^)

  3. Gokusen is the first ever Jpop Live Action Drama I watched! Totally fell in love with Matsumoto Jun from the start and from there I became a fan of Arashi, then Johnny's in general. then Number 2 and 3 came out and I became a fan of KAT-TUN and the Juniors as well (actually I was a fan before 2 and 3 came out but it was just so fun and adorable!) <3 It gets repetitive after a while because you know the pattern of delinquents then Yankumi comes and saves the day, but if you don't think about it and just stare at the cute guys it's actually really fun to watch haha.

    Thanks for sharing Yuku!


    1. I think it's not even that bad, that it gets a little repetitive because it doesn't get boring though.
      At least not for me... haha