5 May 2013

my last year as a teen ♡

As promised: The Birthday Post
Actually I had another music review planned for yesterday but I was too busy with Japanese and Literature.
Now I take my break from all the texts to write this here.
Seriously, I'm so happy I'm finally done with the preparation for the Literature lecture tomorrow... don't want to read anything about suicide anymore today. 

So... I turned 19 in the beginning of April, right before university started again.
I'm really vary when it comes to the question to party or not to party... and this year it doesn't felt like anything special to turn older... so I didn't party.
Unfortunately - maybe because it was so close to the new semester - most of my friends wouldn't had the chance to gather up to celebrate anyway.
But I wasn't mad. 

Casually an event, my mom was in charge of, was on my birthday.
It's a fun sport event [it's really rare I use the word fun in combination with sport!] called Blackminton Night, where people gather and play... Blackminton.
You can google the sport if you want.

In short... it's basically like badminton but in the dark/black light with fluorescent birds.
So I decided to accompany her...
The DJ who was there is a good friend of us and my best friend, as well as my stepdad, my brother and his girlfriend were with us.
Actually other friends of the family and my aunt wanted to come too but they cancled on us then.
The most fun is actually, that you can paint yourself with fluorescent color... and that's in the end - if you don't wear white clothes - everything people see of you in the dark.

But ACTUALLY this is all I did on my birthday.
My grandparents visited us the next day and we had a small brunch. No more no less.

Me & my bestie ♥ (I hate the low quality of my phone's photos!)

Anyway. I'm quite sure you're curious about my presents... let me tell you one thing:
I'm the worst when it comes to that famous: "what do you want for your birthday?"-question.
Seriously. Worst question ever!
got myself this cute pikachu kirugumi. ♥

My mom was desperate this year but it turned out I got an awesome present from them [her and my stepdad] !
It's marvelous! I got a new speakers-system for my laptop. I have a freakin' subwoofer now and when I tested it the first time... I got just goose bumps and I swear! I felt like I never really, really listened to music before. 
The experience with this is just... there are no words for it. Especially since the speakers are quite small.
You would never think they are capable of such a sound, but they just blow you away!

 new speaker next to my cute fluttershy figure. [yeah. I'm kinda a brony] & the whole box

 I got this awesome "SOY UN DORITO!"/EYK t-shirt from my bestie Yonghee & late presents from the UK, where my bestie Lil lives currently, containing a cool cross-pattern bag, a fancy, studded collar and a super epic birthday card. [I have awesome friends, I know!]

Last Thursday I met another friend I know from high school.
He said he had belated birthday presents too and it really was late then, because of my long absence because I was so sick... 
So we sat in the café we usually sit and had a nice talk.
I met some of his fellow students and all in all, we had a nice afternoon.
love my new panda-fellow pochi

Though I'm usually not the person to party much or do great celebrations, I really hope that next year more of my friends will be able to celebrate with me.
Yeah, I talk about you, Yonghee, P*chan and Hyunki! & Lil if you won't be in Australia already then...
I'd love to go eat some fine sushi with you... or something else.
Now I have like... almost a year again.
Enough time to completely forget that I will have birthday again.... like I usually do. Or maybe to actually think properly about "what I fucking want for my birthday!?" 


  1. Awesome photos : 3
    And the pikachu kigurumi!♥__♥
    Hey, Fluttershy figure! She is my favorite : D

    1. Thanks. ♥
      She's my favorite too. :3
      Actually I like Rarity, Rainbowdash and Fluttershy the most, though they are all really unique and kinda contradictive. haha

  2. Ohh schöner Post ♥
    PIka Kigu hab ich auch *.* wuhuu ~♥
    und aw... die Boxen :0

    1. Danke. (*´・v・)
      Ich hab von meiner Mama im Nachhinen gehört, dass die wohl gar nicht so teuer waren... also... :D

  3. Happy belated (really belated.. XD) birthday!! *__*
    I love the pictures and Pikachu~~ I have the same, hihi

    1. Thank you. <3
      Pikachu's just great, haha (*´・v・)