25 June 2013

SHINee - Breaking News

I'm so sorry I can't update properly lately because of my exams! 
There are still so many things I want to show you - and I will - when this hell is over!
Just now I'm simply too overwhelmed by this and needed to share it though I actually should be breakfasting or stuff like this because I need to head to my Korean Culture class in half an hour... hm.

link for all German followers who end up looking on a black screen saying: "no b'tch, not in your country"

It's their new Japanese single and - JONGHYUN is back. I mean... yeah.
He's not even my bias but still... I'm happy and I goddamn-freaking love this song and the MV [though it's nothinng special - actually]. [I'll skip my passionate rant about how freaking-much I love key and why he is so sexy and OH MY GOD] When did Onew became so convident and sexy? I mean... he always was like a hidden treasure and now... woah. 

Feel free to leave a comment & see you ~ 


  1. SHINee ~ awesome like always <3

    1. Yeah. Breaking News is really great! It's playing almost nonstop since I'm home again :)

  2. oh der song isecht mega :D ♥