1 August 2013

song of the month ✧ JULY

I've been quite busy the last two weeks. I met many friends, had a lot of fun and today I'm really late with the Songs of July because yesterday - when the deadline actually ended - I went to Berlin instead to pick up my dear  고양이 Yonghee.
I'm so happy I saw her again after we haven't had the chance the whole semester time...

July was stuffed with great releases and I had 16 songs on my list... it was a tough fight to decide the 10 I'll review here now already and because I'm lately much more into KPOP... I decided to concentrate completely on those this time.

As always this is just MY OPINION!
You don't have to agree. You don't have to like. 
Opinions differ naturally and it doesn't make you a bad person.
* and please keep in mind that you can watch the MV clicking on the picture.
I always try to keep an eye on MYNAME since I have the feeling, 
they don't get the attention they deserve... 
so their new single Baby I'm Sorry turned out to be the first MV, I saw last month.
The song itself isn't that special. It's nice. What's stunning in contrast is the MV.
I was so shocked and a mental wrack after I watched it...
I think it was the bloodiest music video I ever saw in K-POP and it was so dramatic, I almost cried.
Just too many feels for yuku...
On the one hand I really, really like the TVdrama-feeling of the MV
... but on the other hand exactly this is, what makes it really hard to get a feeling for the song, 
because it's interrupted several times for dialouges etc..

Usually I don't expect too much of Japanese singles from KPOP idols.
I don't know why but I tend to like their Korean songs better. 
There are two exceptions whatsoever: SHINee and U-Kiss.
I especially love U-KISS dancable, fast songs. Inside of Me is rather calm but still really nice.
I love the vocal parts of Kevin but the rest of the MV and song is - unluckily - rather plain.

I'm a huge LEDA - as you might already know.
I especially like the closeness they have when it comes to their contact with international fans...
anyway... Gimme kimi Love was just really fun.
It's upbeat, as well as their last singe Bad Boys
but appears with a more childish vibe - if you ask me.
The MV is quite simple but personal. 
They always succeed in including their own goofy charme and I really, really appreciate this.

I really, really, REALLY looked forward to that comeback.
I like the concept and the MV alot though it reminded me soo much of VIXX's hyde.
But in the end... I kinda feel bad and sad because the song didn't quite catch me.
I always waited for something stunning, something incredible to happen... like some big finale.
Like the long high note from Yoseob in Breath... 
but this highlight never came and the song rather babbled on without anything... BIG. 
I still really like it. But something was missing and I can't even find words to describe what.

The song is catchy and really, really cool! (and my mega crush on Amber got revived, oh boy)
I'm really happy they are back but after their 'teaser-like' MV of Pink Tape,
it was disappointing to see that SM just put them in some boxes and let them dance again.
Pink Tape in contrast was artsy and beautiful and deep... and just... different. 
I liked it though it was confusing. RUM PUM PUM PUM is clearer again and straight though their outfits are colorful eye-catchers as always.

Great song. Super to dance and party to it.
I love it's sound and the vibe... and I have a really soft spot for Junsu's voice.
But there were some big points in the MV I didn't quite like.
1) there wasn't the slightest hint of a plot - not such a big point though but the different shots with a pool party and him in a hotel room with a blonde girl and him in a big hotel bed in his golden suit and then again dancing on a party and then dancing in water and then dancing in a laser show... I was hell'a confused!!
(please don't forget the "I'm the bird's flower king" scenes when he sat on his throne.... this was just.. random... really, really, really random.)
2) Can someone please take this random rapper and get him out? He seems so super lost in the song!
For me his part is unnecessary and he didn't fit there either - plus his 4 lines were the silliest in the whole song. just. WHY!?

This MV was so cute and silly... but I just fell in love with it alot.
I like the idea of that backwards-playing video and the parts, 
when they looked like out of a magazine - ripped out of it - they were just so artsy and nice!
The song itself really is in a huge contrast to their last single hyde and I can't really decide which image of VIXX I prefer.

Really epic song. Epic scenery, epic concept.
I love their outfits and this post-apocalyptic atmosphere with those highways, 
empty streets and (undestroyed) buildings and cities.
I have a much stronger feeling to this song than I had to Man in Love 
- and I'm so glad my ''infinite'' feeling is back!
The only deficit: I don't get the meant-to-be-plot... 
why are they suddenly catching fire or crumbling into dust? 
I mean. WHAT THE? WHY!?

I love this fucking song so much!
It's just awesome! It's catchy, it's dancable, it's tough it's... woah. I love it, OK? OK!
But... Hurricane has the first MV of B.A.P EVER that I don't quite like.
Actually I just don't like it. I miss their dance-scenes together...
I don't have anything against them driving through LasVegas or chilling in a mega suit or at a pool, amusing us with their poor kongrish... Really. But somehow I couldn't take to it.
Lucky you, B.A.P - the song is still too awesome to don't give you the second place this month!

Yeah... I developed quite a thing for rookie groups. 
Especially... good, talented rookie groups.
Like the Bangtan Boys here. I already liked their debut single 
No more Dream but bulletproof blew me away!
I think they just best themselves so much with their second single already.
I still love their dance-skills and their rap. 
You could say they are my personal rookie bias 2013 so far...
What I like especially about the MV to bulletproof is that it's really simple but genius.
It's basically just them dancing, 
but the edits with parts of the text, etc. make it incredible worth being watched 
and it just fascinates me everytime anew.


What was your favorite song this month?
Tell me in a comment below!

I can't say when I'll post the next time because next week starts my seminar.
Yeah.. I have two weeks seminar in my semester break. Yeah... it sucks.
But I hope I'll find time to post some stuff here soon again. Stay tuned!


  1. tolle lieder *_* dein blog ist echt süß <3


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    Süßes Blog. :))