19 August 2013

Fanfiction Covers ♡

I haven't updated for ages again... Sorry.
But my seminar is over now and I spend the last weekend with my besties.

Anyway - I spend the last few days working on posters/covers for my upcoming EXO fanfiction and decided that, I'll do some for my already uploaded oneshots as well...
I'm going to upload them soon and also finally on my LJ.

So here you can have a look on them... I put the AFF link beneath them so you can read my last works if you click.


The Panda and the Phantom is actually called Seven Minutes in Heaven, but because I'm currently planning "To put it Straight" - the sequel to this oneshot, I decided to let it more appear like a series... so the Seven Minutes in Heaven is only in the corner.
Btw, those are all slash stories...  just want to make things clear before someone complains.

I feel like I slowly get better with my GIMP, though I still really, really need to practise and learn much!
Do anyone know how to insert animated gif parts in a static picture?
I'd love to know how to do this with my GIMP. There must be a way to do so!
If you know any good tutorial or anything - please tell me!