24 August 2013

[un]perfect memory's 100+ Giveaway

As the title already says;
Miya, the lovely author of [un]perfect memory is giving away some really cute stuff to celebrate her 100+ followers! 

click the picture!
I'm here to congratulate her and because I - of course - don't want to miss the chance to get this super cute tarepanda plush toy! (next to other cute stuff)

So all you have to do is go on her blog, check out those lovely posts of her and eventually participate on this.(actually I don't want you to do so because my chances are higher to win this cutie if you just ignore this here!) 
But you should totally check out her blog!
It's worth it! It's no coincidence this girl has so much followers.


  1. Aaawww~ danke für den süßen Eintrag. Ich wünsch dir viel Glück und steck dich jetzt in meinen Lostopf. XD