31 August 2013

song of the month ✧ AUGUST

So actually I'm on vacation right now and try to fight my writer's block to finally finish some of the fanfictions I plan for a longer time already... but of course my monthly evaluation shouldn't wait just because I can't get my shit together to finally write the sequel to "The Panda and the Phantom".

As always this is just MY OPINION!
You don't have to agree. You don't have to like. 
Opinions differ naturally and it doesn't make you a bad person.
* and please keep in mind that you can watch the MV clicking on the picture.

Usually I'm not a big fan of slow songs... guess they make me too emotional.
But BtoB's When I was your man really hit a spot for me. 
It was slow, yeah... kinda like the perfect sound for a long ride in an elevator, but I still really liked it.
My highlight - next to the simple, almost intime seeming setting of the MV - is Peniel's rap part.
It made me laugh -to be honest- because this "I'm a free man now, girl. You think I want you back? Tch. Hell no get it in your head." is freaking awesome. 
It gives the whole song a kinda plot twist if you don't know the lyrics. 
In fact the whole song is the opposite of what we know from Bruno Mars' "When I was your man".
I think the song is really cool because of that. 
It's finally a song without someone whining about being lovesick.

To be honest.... I was a bit disappointed.
The teasers were really promising, especially after Miss Right... 
but Rocking didn't really... got me right away. 
I kinda befriended with the song over some time now and it's not even bad. 
It is just completely different than what I thought it would be like.
It's too much dubstep and 'let's play with all the controls on the mix tape' for my liking and the MV was hella senseless. 
It's a pity because I was so excited about the scene where they make out fight at the beach...
Needless to say, the choreography does have some parts, I like and their fashion was (beside Niel's pants of grudge and some other disasters) quite cool.

I quite like Sleep Talking though it was (obviously) not the bestest song for me this month.
The song is quite unique in its chorus and not as catchy as I thought. 
But the MV is quite cute and funny - and! it suits the title of the song alot. 
I really like that about the song. If you compare it with their last single "Hello" - there is a huge difference and I have to say, that I personally liked the sincere look on them a bit more.
But their hair and outfits are still almost as fabulous as Ren all by himself (we don't count that hideous head band/curtain thing). Plus I really like MVs with a colorful plots and an upbeat sound.

Seriously. Seungri honestly never was my fave in Big Bang (not that I hated him or anything) 
but I LOVE Gotta Talk to you.... the only problem: I freaking HATE the part after 3:32.
I'm really sorry, but it just destroys the whole song and atmophere for me. Everything.
The MV was quite fancy with those numbers and lights and much glass and fancy cloths..
In the end not that interesting, but still fitting to the song, I guess.
I could hear that song for 3h nonestop... if someone please cut it after 3:32. Thank you.

I'm a huge Tasty fan. But to make it clear from the beginning: I liked "You know me" better.
Still... MAMAMA has such a big SWAG factor... I don't even know how to describe it,
 but I have to grin everytime I just hear the song. The MV is not that impressive...
The mindblowing part is actually just when Infinite's YaDong couple appears.
They are friends and I think the idea to include your friends in your MV 
just because YOU CAN is cool and cute at the same time.
The choreography was really amazing too and the song is quite catchy.

This song and MV is so freaking cute! 
insert a legit "ASDFGHJKL" here
Henry is such a cutie and I think it was kinda adorable,
 to have such a (still acted) backstage concept in the MV. The song wasn't exactly new, because it was already on his Trap mini album. But I still really like it, because it's catchy and cute... and I just realized again that I'm a huge sucker for Henry's (baby)voice.

The first of two debut's that are present in my evaluation.
I'm really impressed by M.Pire. (already have my two babies too)
I love the song - it's catchy and has a strong presence! 
I love such concepts, the outfits, heavy make-up, contact lenses, everything! 
I was too lazy to look up the lyrics yet, but till now the title and the 'semi'plot - when they evoke that Dracula-girl - doesn't make much sense to me... but I don't care too much.
The rap parts and the choreography-parts and everything is just way too awesome. Really!
I'm sorry if I'm too biased already.

And here we have the second debut.
I'm fond of them since I heard of them the first time... which is already some time.
A good friend showed me their pre-debut projects and already those were awesome.
I didn't know that they looked that handsome though! God.
The song is catchy and I love rock songs/bands! Obviously they are not a typical casting band or something 
and I guess that is why they took so long to debut.
I'm not only in love with their looks and the song but also the MV has a really special touch.
I love the part with the flying ship for example...

I really had a hard time being as neutral as possible with my second and first place now... because they are both like my super biased groups.

I freaking love GROWL.
11 wins in music shows till now show, that I'm not the only one and though I'm still not sure what I should think about the idea of uploading not only Korean and Chinese versions of the song, but additional 2nd versions of it... but on the other hand I'm thankful. 
Those second versions gave me feels. Really strong feels.
The song is really catchy and the first versions (when you click on the photo) are shot in one go.
I think this is hell'a impressive because the choreography is a glorious piece of work itself.
I really don't know what to say without starting to fangirl... sorry.

It almost beat One Shot as my favorite B.A.P single... now they are both on place 1...
I love the song and the concept. The lyrics fit the MV.
And the concept fits B.A.P alot. The song and everything around it really gives me crawlies.
... I can't really stay calm here either. Sorry
But one thing I wanted to say about the song/English/lyrics in the song is... 
Bang Yongguk's "bass" part which sounded like "peace" to me, or Daehyun's parts that sometimes sound like "civil war" really fit the whole atmosphere. 
So here you go, misheard lyrics!

I wish you had some fun, seeing how I tried to contain my feels towards my two biggest bias groups...
Which song was your favorite this month? Is there a comeback you already look forward to?

I'll go now and try to kick my motivation in the arse, 
so that I'll finally finish some oneshots or chapters here...

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