5 September 2013

mini shopping haul & sneak previews

I'm such a lazy bum lately... Like really.
I spend my days with my dear Yonghee, debating over my fanfictions or writing a bit, failing to practise 한글 and/or playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf or Assassin's Creed II (replaying it and ragequitting affectively once a day). I'm sorry though that my blog is kinda sleeping because of it right now.

When I looked through my folders, sorting out my pictures I realized that I did more in August than I actually thought. (Guess I'll write about this later)

After my last blog about shopping hauls I actually had a mini-shopping experience with a friend of mine.
So now I have a couple of pictures I can show you. 

 It's all from H&M (we went to ZARA first but the stuff there is definitely not in my price range)
The head is out of the kid's section but it was just way too cool to leave it there.


I changed the profile picture on my blog and other social media I'm using... That's how my hair is right now but I really need to dye my roots again... thinking about getting a bit darker so that I don't have to worry about my roots so much anymore... what do you think?
I'd love to get a light brownish/dark blonde(+ a pinkish hint???) thing like EXO's LAY ♥(ノ´∀`)had/has for their GROWL promotions... *click*

To give you some preview on what I actually want to post here - when I finally get over myself to post regulary here - I was planning different stuff because I'm a person that's passionate about many things and also easily fascinated by new stuff.
I was thinking about showing you my KPOP albums and funny stories about my EXO photocards (not only them) and obsessions I have.
I wanted to do reviews on my circle lenses and makeup from Southkorea, I'm using for some time now but never came around to get some good photos for it.
And actually I like the idea of blogging about the games I play (take my obsession with AC:NL for example) or introduce my favorite websites. Nerdy stuff like that...

I'd be really grateful if you - as my precious readers - would slam down a comment here and tell me what sounds the most tempting for you right now, so that I can get my shit together. haha


  1. Ich glaube so ein Braun-ton würde dir total gut stehen. Ich finde die Farbe selber total ansprechend. *_* Den Hut von H&M hab ich auch gesehen und hätte ihn fast gekauft, da ich aber fast nur Mützen trage, hab ichs dann doch gelassen. Brauche mein Geld dann doch für die Connichi. ^^''

    Die Idee über deine KPOP alben zu bloggen finde ich toll. Ich hatte auch mal überlegt über meine CD Sammlung zu bloggen, aber irgendwie war ich unsicher ob das überhaupt wen interessiert. XD
    Ansonsten finde ich Reviews zu Make up oder auch Online-shops immer total gut, weil ich schon soo oft schlechte Erfahrungen gemacht habe und immer froh bin wenn ich schonmal was über ein Produkt oder einen Shop lesen kann. <3

  2. Also ich find die Ideen für die anderen Post's echt gut. Ich mag games auch sehr und über die KPop cd's lese ich auch gerne was! ^-^ Ich bin schon gespannt auf die ganzen neuen posts! ^-^

    1. Danke! Ich hoffe ich komme dann auch endlich mal dazu, die zu machen! ^^;

  3. Beautiful stuffs ^__^

  4. Oh my gosh, I love Lay's color! I'd love to see you try something like that~ I think you can pull it off. c:

    1. I know, right!? (my precious bias, haha) I'll look around to find a fitting hair dye when I'm home again... :D

  5. ahh your so cute! and i love the hat that you bought! ive been looking for one that i like ever since i tried one on that was $300. loll, must find one i like for a lot cheaper..

    xoxo Sarah (xlicious girl)
    Japanese Gyaru Makeup Blog

    1. aah. thank you! ♥(ノ´∀`)
      $300?? wow. I'd never even think about such a hat. waay to expensive! (haha)

  6. i love your hair!!! your blog is super cute, loving the hat you pruchased!♡

    (Join my blog International Giveaway ♡! 21 items- lots of Japanese makeup and beauty products including cosmetics from Diamond Beauty, Candydoll, Dollywink, etc!)

    Do what you think is best. I definitely agree that having to constantly touch up roots is super annoying.

    1. aww. thanks! *3*
      I'm really not sure yet... because I never had something like a brownish shade... and somehow I always ended up going blonde again... hm.
      Let's see. /:

  8. So chic items, you´ve such a great sense of style Yuku! :)

  9. Oh my god you are so cute .. ! (^▽^)

    Anyway .. I really would like to see / read that post about games you are playing so .. if you will do it, I really wait it !

    1. Awww. thanks!! <3
      I'll definitely do them - I hope it won't take me forever... (I'm so forgetful and lazy lately... U___U)