19 September 2013

meeting white chocolate's ね ♡

At first some really exciting news - at least for me:
I finally got my confirmation mail!
 I passed my Japanese II course and I can attend Korean I comming semester!
Yuku is going to learn Korean, too.


Anyway... how you probably read on デニ―ス [Denise]'s blog already (if you follow the both of us)... last Monday we were able to meet in the city of Berlin. hoho

 Outfit and makeup/close up

I was there already a few hours earlier because I had to get some shopping done.
Just simple drug store shopping - most of it at least - so I don't really have any gets that are worth to be shown... The only thing I bought is in the wash right now... and this cute case for my phone. 

Eitherway! I was so excited to meet someone I till now just knew from my blogger life... and her makeup and hair was so lovely! I really liked her outfit too but hair, make up and this beanie were definitely my highlight!
I was a bit disappointed by myself because in the morning I decided against wearing lashes and it looked so great on her, really!

OK. Enough about that. We ran around the Alexa and Alexanderplatz a bit (and ate something) before it started to rain and we decided to head to the J-Store.
Man, I wasn't there for at least 3 years and it changed soo much... it also was the first time for me doing purikura and I really hope I didn't behave stupidly... we had fun though I guess. The only trick in this purikura machine is... the name you can type in at the beginning... since they don't have any katakana and no syllables that start with a "soft" consonant, Denise wasn't able to write her name and time was up before she could come up with something else... end of the story: we were ゆく[yuku] and [ne].

They did turn out better than I thought and the one I circled is definitely my favorite. hehe 

Afterwards I had to head home already but I still think it was a really nice day and I hope we'll be able to see each other another day again.

Now... I bought new shoes too... but this was more like... an emergency.
I mean... you see those lovely shoes I wore in my outfit post? Well. These babies are super comfy... for being platform heels (roughly 13cm heel) ... but after 5 to 6 hours walking they become little devils who try to slice queer patterns in the ball of your feet with every step you take. At least that's what it feels like. So I hurried into the next H&M store I could find to buy flat shoes.
Actually I don't like them for being so plain and ... bland. But they kinda saved my life so I'm happy to have them now. They are really comfy, too.
Maybe I'll take them with me in a bag whenever I wear the other pair from now on...


I'll try my best to post about some happenings from August, too before my Korean course starts...
Actually I need to learn Kanji too and stuff. I have the feeling that my semester break was over way too fast again. I'm going to spend the next week from Monday to Friday at Maya's and Aiji's place and we are going to see The GazettE live.
So please wait for me and my slow-ass-blogging and keep your fingers crossed that I can complete all my tasks before the semester starts again... 


  1. Wahh~ It sounds like you had a fun time meeting a fellow blogger! c: The purikura turned out super cute! >u<

  2. Ich bin für mehr Purikura in Deutschland!!! XD
    Schön, dass ihr zwei Spaß hattet. <3

    1. Und Einführungskurse für ihre Benutzung! haha xD

  3. Omo, Glückwunsch! :D <3 hehe und wow, wieso denn auch noch Koreanisch? Das klingt nach sehr viel Arbeit :00 Ich drück dir die Daumen, dass alles super läuft *_* hihi

    Ich wünschte für mein uralt Handy gäbe es auch schöne Hüllen bzw Accesoires. Das sieht total schnugggelig aus <3
    'liked her outfit too' neeeeein XDDD Da bin ich dagegen! Das war total simpel und langweilig und ich hatte nix anderes was iwie zu meinem Beanie gepasst hätte xD Aber danke <3 Und auf Haare+Make Up war ich auch stolz *.*
    Ich fand dein Make Up auch ohne Lashes total schön, so sauber vor allem! Ö_Ö Du musst eine ziemlich ruhige Hand dafür haben ^^ die hätt ich nicht
    Und ich finde, dass du ganz cool warst, als wir die Puris gemacht haben XD Ich war bei meinem ersten Mal so aufgeregt und ahb nur rumgequietscht Ö_Ö jaja... haha xD

    Ohhh, ich denke die Geschichte mit den Schuhen werd ich nie vergessen :D Enorm cool, und ja, ich würd sie als Alternative immer mittragen sofern du hohe Schuhe anhaben solltest ;D

    Und zum Schluß nochmal; Der Tag war echt super mit dir! *__*

    1. Na ja... ich hätte kommendes Semester nur noch einen Sozialwissenschaftskurs pro Woche gehabt und Japanisch... das kam mir ein wenig mager vor und ich wollte Koreanisch eh lernen... hab zu viele Freunde die das studieren oder Koreaner sind und ich komm mir immer so verdammt dumm vor, wenn ich die dann nicht verstehe... xD

      Danke, danke, danke ;3;

      Und zum Schluß: ja, fand ich auch!*_*