30 September 2013

song of the month ✧ SEPTEMBER

I'm pretty busy today - actually - because one of my dearest friends comes home from Seoul today and I'll head to the airport soon to welcome him...
Tomorrow start my Korean lessons and I'm really excited about it as well.
It feels kinda unreal that my semester break is already over again, though.
I have many things I still want to show you but they have to wait now since I have to sort out pictures and stuff like that... but I hope I can do these posts soon. image

Enough about that, let's start!

As always this is just MY OPINION!
You don't have to agree. You don't have to like. 
Opinions differ naturally and it doesn't make you a bad person.
* and please keep in mind that you can watch the MV clicking on the picture.


- TOP TEN SONGS {releases} SEPTEMBER 2013 - 

I really, really like the song and realized again that I'm a sucker for yu-giri's voice.
I was a bit disappointed that he was the only one with a 'proper' outfit when I saw the PV spot... but now when I saw the whole thing now, it makes sense.
About the MV I have to say that it makes me feel really, really sick in my stomach. But I appreciate that they choose such a topic. It's ironic, right? 
But I still think that it is a big deal to write a song and play it with a MV like that, dealing with bullying and selfharm and violence like that.
It's still really, really creppy and I don't know if I will watch the video again... rather just listen to the song...

I like the rock-ish sound of it. Something I generally love about F.T. Island. hoho
Memory gives me some kind of "atmosphere of depature", though it sounds a bit melancholic as well at times. I can't really put it right, I guess.
But still it's a really beautiful, good song.
The composion with the change of soft piano and 'hard' guitar sounds; I like that a lot 
- there is nothing bad I could say about the song. 
I love the use of backstage footage in music videos. 
That's all I have to say about the MV I guess. It's harmonious.

Two words: SAMSUNG advertisment.
But definitely one of the cutest I've seen yet. I really like the song. 
Though the lyrics doesn't exactly give it, I can't help but think it's really cute.
I also like the small story they tell in the MV... my favorite scene is the one with the bikes.
BUT the advertisment is massive and it felt really strange at some points.
Anyway. I still quite like it. 
It's catchy and everything an Infinite song needs to be for me.

I guess everyone knows this young man. At least from j-dramas he acted in.
I actually like Tomohisa more for his music because I'm not that into sappy j-dramas...
And I have to admit that I tend to forget to check out his new songs but this time I stumbled over it and he got me right with the first tune.
Genshiteki Janai (to ~ Analog Love ~) certainly is the song with the most hilarious MV this month.
But I just love it. I love the song. I love the upbeat, yet cool - almost jazzy - sound. It just makes me smile and swing to the music uncounciously. It is such a great mood maker!
I won't say anything about the rather muddled MV. Just watch it yourself!
{honestly, I laughed so much when I saw it the first time and I can't even recall why}

Hell! I was excited when Block B finally announced their comeback!
And - seriously - I love the song. It's just really beautiful. It's catchy and unusual for them because it's almost balad-like and has a really soft feeling to it.
I just have my problems with the MV. I'll tell you the 3 mayor problems:
1. Why is U-kwon beaten up?
2. What kind of pussys beat him up if his face isn't even damaged AT ALL after they kicked him in it?
3. What kind of ass friends does he have? they leave him alone all the time but happen to appear after he got beaten up.
What I like about the MV: that it seems to be the prolouge for their next single Very Good.
I honestly can't wait for it! {though the sole thought of clowns gives me the creeps}

I really get the feeling that all the bands do this on purpose.
I guess, I told you already how much I love this kind of concepts. How much I love outfits and makeup like that. They did it AGAIN!
I really like the song... but I don't think it quite suits the atmosphere... or rather. After the teaser you didn't expected it to be such a upbeat song. But I love upbeat songs and I love Thriller.
The choreography is really nice, though the settings in the MV seem really pointless.
I don't care too much.
 My personal highlight is my secret bias Ilhoon and how they managed to make him look unwittingly cuter than he already is due to lenses {for example}
Why am I such a sucker for cuties!?

This song just showed me again why they are my rookie-biases this year.
I just love their style of music... I guess I never enjoyed rap so much before.
I'm really impressed by their lyrics everytime anew. 
The MV - especially the scenes in the classroom and their choreography are really impressive too
{I noitced that they have a specific kind of move in all their MVs but I still think it's really, really nice to watch (if you know what I mean)}.
The chorus is catchy and I'm generally really satisfied with the song.
The only thing I stumble across everytime I see the MV, is the scene with the orchestra on the stairs...

Yesh. Call me biased. It's OK.
B.A.P have finally debuted in Japan. And though I always think it's kinda difficult for international fans to just see their idols doing the same in green {or in Japanese - let's put it straight} again, I couldn't be less bothered. Warrior was definitely one of my favorite songs of B.A.P {there are hardly any I don't like but let's put this aside} and so it was rather interesting for me to see how many has changed in their Japanese MV now...
 First sad thing I noticed: They don't have a Matoki-robot anymore.
But they soothed me with a water-scene. {I love this kind of fancy crap}
Next thing I was bond to noticed: they lowered Himchan's screen time.  {poor bby}
Last of all: they got so much fancier. I mean - man - did you look at their outfits?
It's all blingy blingy and fancy now! Bang Yongguk alone has about 7 different outfits this time.
Not that I would complain. I love him as much as I love Himchan... {he's just damn hot, OK!?}

I love this.
I really looked forward to another solo album of G-Dragon but I decided to just pick one of his two new singled to mention it here. And I liked Crooked so much better than Coup d'etat.
I love his fashion and most of his outfits here in the MV.
And I think it's just brilliant how he made the sound of the song suit the lyrics so much.
Also the MV fits perfectly. You see him partying and the sound seems rather party-ish too but you still feel something in the pit of your stomach and you can clearly see in the MV, too that not everything is OK.
That actually, nothing is alright. This is art and it manages to stir me up inside alot.
But somehow this is one of the reasons why I love the song so much.

What should I say?
I just love this song. It's perfect in any way.
girugamesh is honestly one of the most precious bands to me.
 It just feels like we have a special connection. This may sound sappy for some of you but I honestly don't care because these four guys and their music just gives me more than I have words for and actually I never really thought about it till now. Anyway.
 They are back after 1year and will release a new album in November. I really can't wait and I couldn't believe how much I actually missed them.
INCOMPLETE hit me right in the feels with the first tune and there is really nothing I can say about the song without ranting over how perfect I think it is. Just the sound of it, the lyrics, Satoshi's voice, the concept of the MV....  JUST EVERY f*CKING THING. 


Which was your favorite song this month?
A The GazettE song would have been suitable, too. Right?
I'll make sure to write a post about this later as well. Did some of you go to see them live?


  1. I almost loved all of those songs! *__* The last one and B.A.P *Q* Pure awesomnes!