30 December 2013

new hair for the new year

The year is almost over and Christmas kinda just rushed by... till now I didn't think about doing a detailed post about it since it didn't feel like such a big event to me this year.
Maybe it's the stress?
Of course I spent some nice days with my family and I got a handful of cute and thought-out presents but I had not quite the motivation to take proper photos of them or think about anything else like that.
So if you are interested, let me know. You might find out about some presents sooner or later, when I mention them, maybe. (◎_◎;)

So today I just want to distract me from the fact, that I should be doing my song of the month and a couple of other postings I was planning to do these days for at least half a year now.
But of course, I absolutely forgot... Honestly, I'm not at my best lately.

My mom is going to do my best friend Cat's and my hair tomorrow so next to the release from the pudding hair that was forming on my head, I had to decide if I want a new hair cut as well.
Of course. I always want new hair. So after diving deep into the depth of our well known Internet, I wondered: why not share it with you when I'm already at it? (๑>ᴗ<๑)

Sadly I'm not quite sure if it even works with my hair since it is quite thin.... (′︿‵。)
But it doesn't hurt to ask, and you can have a sneak into my current mind. 
{Oh, and it's just the cut, not the color} 
These guys sure look hella fine. (๑・ω-)~♥”

Now, let's see if I'll get my stuff together to actually finish the last missing piece of that year of regular KPOP-doses a.k.a. SONGs OF THE MONTH. I'm certainly curious, if I'll get this done... (ノ_ _)ノ

*the pictures are mostly from tumblr, while you can check out all those cute kaomoji here.


  1. Ich find auch, dass Weihnachten dieses Jahr schnell vorbei ging. Naja. v_v Aber deine Geschenke würde ich trotzdem gerne sehen! :3
    Und es wäre auch super cool, wenn du Bilder von deinen neuen Haaren posten würdest! Ich glaub eine Frisur so ähnlich wie auf den Bildern würde dir schon stehen. ^^

    1. Ich werd mir überlegen, vielleicht doch noch einen Post zu machen, wo ich es mit reinschmeiße... aber ganz so viel will ich auch nicht ins neue Jahr schleppen... an Posts usw. (;

  2. Die Frisuren sind ja toll, du musst unbedingt zeigen was es am Ende geworden ist. ^^

    1. Danke x3
      Ich werd mich so bald wie möglich um entsprechende Bilder kümmern... (;

  3. ich denke schon dass die frisuren all gehen, auch mit deinem haar :3 musst halt nur puffig föhnen oder bissl toupieren und dann siehts dem auch noch viel ähnliche ^^

    1. danke für die tipps, meine haare toupiert hab ich ewig nicht mehr, aber n versuch ist es definitiv wert.
      fühl mich mit den 'neuen' haaren jetzt auch schon viel wohler :D