21 December 2013

The flower bloomed in darkness, the moon risen above the sea ♪

Actually I wanted to do this post like two weeks ago... but thanks to a really busy schedule and a sudden sickness, that knocked me out last week, I never got the chance to finally do it.
But now when finally Chirstmas vacation and 大晦日 comes rolling in, I am free for the rest of the year.
I mean... I still have to learn a couple of vocabs and do stuff for my term paper but all in all it's going to be much more relaxed than I expected it to be.
Yey for that. image

Now let's see what we have here.
This post is somewhat a sequel to my Like a dream, he's a cold machine ♪ posting from October.
After I talked about how I got my copies of MAMA, we're now moving forward to my impressions about their first album XOXO.

Honestly spoken, I think the highschool theme was kinda cliché. But it suited them extremely good. I really like the way they applied it. For example in the material and look of the albums and the photos and collages in the booklet.
Of course it triggered an even bigger flood of highschool!AU themed fanfiction. But who am I to complain?
So this time around, I ordered the albums together with a bunch of friends (and fandom mates, if we want to call them that) and we gathered in the heat of summer to unpack our new treasures together.
Since we preordered, we were presented with colorful socks and a special poster.
I can't remember which of the three posters we got was the special one. Maybe it's the one down there.

We actually had some really fun situations with our photcards. As always, you could say.
I got Tao and Kyungsoo, as well as the precious Sha, whilst my best friend got two Kai photocards, though we all had EXO-K and EXO-M version. The total of us (the super talented yeLLohST4R2 and another super nice friend of Sha) had 3 Kai and 4 Tao cards. A godly sign? A hidden message?

After they fixed up a trade and Sha got a KaiSoo couple for her Tao, I was left with my cards.
But it was good because D.O, as well as Tao, are favorites of my missing hyung, Yonghee.
Storybook like, she got Baekhyun and Lay (・ᴗ・♡) and we traded as well.
So on that stage of affairs I was happy with Luhan(MAMA), Suho(MAMA), Lay(XOXO) and Baekhyun(XOXO).

As I did in the other post already as well, I want to share some general information on the album and also - more detailed because I feel like it - about the songs and other criterias that pop up in my head.

* release: 2013/06/03
 늑대 와 미녀 (WOLF)
 인어의 눈물 (Baby, don't cry)
 Black Pearl
 나비 소녀 (Don't go)
 Let out the beast
 Heart Attack
 피타팬 (Peter Pan)
 My Lady

Trying to find my favorite song of this album isn't too difficult because I just openly admit: It's Black Pearl.
But on the other hand I get quite giddy the longer I think about it because I actually like all of the songs way too much. There are just too many songs on that album, that appeal in their own kind of way to me.
It's getting out of hand here, guys! 
- - - by the way, I think the Korean titles are way more endearing than the 'translated' ones. "Mermaid's Tear (Baby, don't cry)" and "Butterfly Girl (Don't go)". I mean, please. This is absolutely adorable {and romantic}!
Next to Black Pearl I'd say Let out the beast is one of my favorite songs, since the teaser era. 
So I always said it was my second favorite. Coming to the realisation that I unconditionally fell in love with WOLF after a few months again and looking and cutesy songs like 3.6.5 or how absolutely awesome Heart Attack is, acutally gives me a heart attack because I can officially announce that I can't say it anymore. There's no way I could make up a top 12 list for this album.

So what I like a lot about the album is the layout, the getup, the packaging. The school emblem, the album - being like a work book {though this makes it nonresistant}, as well as the collages inside the booklet and all the comments and drawings on the pages make it appear really playful and... pure. I like that atmosphere a lot. And one of my most favorite details, will forever be the 'prints' on both CDs.


So, yes. This is it.
I'm tired now and I guess I included everything I planned.
So I just can hope that you liked me rambling on in that post.
If you want me to talk about someone else than EXO the next time I come around to do that, tell me.
Maybe I even have an album of them to show. image

*the cute emoticons this time are originally from japanlover.me, where you can download them freely in the kawaii section. 


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