1 January 2014

song of the month ✧ DECEMBER

I honestly hate to bring so much stuff over to this new year now... but it feels even worse to sweep it under the table. So though I decided against continuing that format for 2014 - at least like that - there will be another posting next to this to sum up 2013 in a whole.
But first of all,
I wish you the best for the new year. Maybe I'll come up with a small post on that in detail. 

Let's continue witht he usual madness.
As always this is just MY OPINION!
You don't have to agree. You don't have to like. 
Opinions differ naturally and it doesn't make you a bad person.
* and please keep in mind that you can watch the MV clicking on the picture.

 Watch the MV!
I feel like this was the beginning of a whole bunch of songs whose MV confused me quite much.
Honestly I love the imagery in the MV, for example the one you see in the picture above. 
All the flowers and the soft lines seem quie artsy but it doesn't help that I find myself struggling with the song since it's not as catchy as I expected and all the changes and contrasts in the music video confused me and made me feel slightly uncomfortable rather than emphasizing the song.
 Watch the MV!
Here we have the next song whose music video confused me a bit.
I actually like the song since it's calm but still has a really nice feeling to it.
But it contradicts a lot with what my inner idea of a song called "Cigarette" is.
I didn't look up the lyrics though it would have been a help out of the confusion - probably.
But to have key words like 'poison' and 'cigarette' awokes the theme "I'm addicted to you and need to be with you, though I know you're not good for me". But there was nothing like that in the music video.
Just awkward single dance scenes and a setting which had a quite homey feeling, though it looked like out of a story book. 
Honestly spoken, I liked the rough, darker image more on them.
 Watch the MV!
I think it is the first time, I really like a song, that was probably for a sappy K-Drama. 
It's with so much emotion and drama and an orchestra! 
But seriously, it's beautiful and I never expected myself saying that about a song like that. 
The MV distrubed me nonetheless.
I love the picture with him in the snow, with his umbrella and the bucket of flowers. But the ballet dancers and the burning pianos and the crashed car and - what the hell!? 
 Watch the MV!
I'm quite sure I died because of a flood of aegyo while watching this MV.
But I just love it. The song is upbeat and super cute and I just want to cuddle them and get them candy and I don't know. I'm such a sucker for cute images - it's always alarming. Especially because I have a similar big bias on badass images. What's going on?!
After all I was really happy that this is such a cute, Christmas themed song.
It got me into some sort of Christmas feeling after all. I really had a hard time with that, this last year.
If you ask me, AlphaBAT look much more authentic in that cutesy image than they did in their debut.
 Watch the MV!
The song is beautiful and really catchy. It seems so fragile, just like the bubble in the MV.
I really liked it. Gosh, I'm just so biased. {and not even sorry}.
I think they do a great job, even after Dongho left and 
I will never be able to decide if I like their Japanese or their Korean songs better.
Oh, and they hit me with their choreography. Just like always. 
I think this won't change.
 Watch the MV!
I was surprised, to be honest.
I expected a ballad - regarding the title but they threw a really powerful dancable song right at my face.
I'm grateful though, because it's pretty cool and it feels like an eternity since I last saw them together.
I'm still happy as a sandboy that Heechul is back. hahaha
Eitherway. Just enjoy the super cool choreography, another set of SM's boxes and 
the small shenanigan which occationally give them blue eyes or grey skin.
 Watch the MV!
We had surprisingly many Japanese songs this month, but I'm not bothered at all.
LM.Cs new single "My Favorite Monster" was anticipated quite much among my friends and though I'll never reach the depth of their connection to that band I still see why they love them so much.
LM.C generally come up with either upbeat and funky sounds or really deep lyrics. Or both.
And I'll never grow tired of hearing Maya's voice or watch the both of them dancing or swaying away in ther music videos. I really liked the idea of including creations of their fans in their MV this time.
All in all it's just really, really fun to listen to that song and I'm afraid I did it far too less till now.
 Watch the MV!
I'm pretty much in love with the whole song and MV and everything about it.
The MV seems to be dragged through a various collection of instagram filters but the use of the splited screen and how objects hit a connection ever and ever again made it appear super artsy and I enjoyed it.
The song is unexpectedly calm for an EunHae song but it suits them almost better than the goofy, fun stuff they usually do. The sceneries in London give the MV an additional, special taste.
I really love it. ♥(˘⌣˘ C)
 Watch the MV!
And again, a Japanese song. The 3rd SM production as well. {not the last tbh}
SHINee surprised me with a simple, yet incredible endearing - cute MV and a suitable happy song.
It's upbeat and has the typical, groovy SHINee feeling to it. 
I like their really natural appearance and - as already mentioned - the playful getup. 
Sorry for getting the title wrong on the picture though - it's 3 2 1.
{don't forget to turn up the quality, it's a bit different on DailyMotion but you should be able to suceed}
 Watch the MV!
You're lying when you say you are surprise that EXO got first place. After all I've evolved to a real exotic over the year and second of all - there is no other place for that song.
It's just incredible. I'd say it's one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen in my life.
I love the soft colors, the sound, their voices. It's just awesome.
It might seem a pity to some, that only the vocal line got lines in that song but I think it gave the whole song a different, special atmosphere and I'm more than glad that they included all members in the MV anyway.
The product placement might be a bit too much {yes, hello Natrue Republic!} but I didn't care too much because I was so absorbed in their voices and the melancholy feeling. I'm getting goose bumps whenever I listen to it. 
Another treat I loved, was that they included the powers from their debut {frost and time} again.
You could say I never enjoyed getting my heart broken by an emotional song like that, ever before.


The last part of 2013's song of the month will be a SONG OF THE YEAR post.
I hope I'll be able to do it the next days. You'll probably get some minor updates on my life around Christmas and the end of the year as well. Maybe.

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