19 January 2014

I'm late for 2014

Yes folks, this is what happens if you get the glorious idea to study two languages at once.
You'll end up being even late for new year's resolutions and posts and all sorts of things because this is how it seem to work.
Work. Urgh. Let's not talk about that. Let's just say, that I think I won't be able to post much till mid-February because university is eating me alive. Proverbially. 
It sucks to be explicit because there were a bunch of postings I wanted to do in the near future.
But it won't help anything to whine now... so let's get to the actual topic of today.
★ My new haircut, as I announced back in 2013. And a new profile picture comes with it as well.

So usually I like doing these cute resolution postings.... though I never was able to fully live up to them yet.
This year - also because of time reasons - I won't do it.
The only thing, concerning 2014 that I wanted to leave here was that I surely are in the position to expect great things from this year.
I'll turn 20 in 3 months. And even more importantly {the first thing is just a birthday after all} I'll be in Tokyo in 6 weeks.
As I said when I announced my trip already - it's been about 6 or 7 years now, which I spent dreaming of this city... I'm super excited and seriously can't wait to get on the plane, though I'm really nervous at the same time.
But nonetheless, all I wish for 2014 is making me happy. When the 31st December 2014 comes - and I'm sure it will come faster than I can imagine right now - I want to look back and be content with this year.
That's all. As long as I don't have to regret anything it will be alright.

Of course I had to decorate my new calender a bit. It's much simpler than last year.
I simply love the "THIS IS GOING TO BE GAY AS HELL" stroke. 
At first I had to write with a white wax crayon because my white edding didn't work, that's why the 2014 looks so scruffy in the picture.

So let's spend 2014 happily, guys.
I saw lovely recaps of 2013 on other blogs... but I don't think I will do one... I feel like it's getting too late and out of hand then... but I'll include my Christmas presents in a January {gets} posting, if I'll be able to write it.


  1. Dein einziger Vorsatz lingt einfach...schön. Ich hoffe, dass das Jahr 2014 o schön wie nur möglich wird für dich und hey, nach Tokyo zu fliegen ist doch schonmal ein sehr guter Anfang um dieses Jahr zu etwas wunderbaren zu machen! <3

    1. Danke x3
      Ich wünsche dir auch ein ganz tolles Jahr 2014.

  2. I really really love your haircut!

  3. Tolle Haare~ ich mag deine Haare aber irgendwie immer. XD

  4. Ich find deine neuen Haare auch süß. Sie sehen so fluffig aus. :)
    Der Vorsatz für 2014, einfach glücklich zu sein, ist auch schön. Ist ja meistens gar nicht so einfach, ne?. xD"
    Und ich freu mich für dich, dass du dir den lang ersehnten Wunsch von der Tokio-Reise bald erfüllen kannst www. :3

  5. Good luck with university!
    I hope you enjoy your days in Tokyo, too ヾ(o´∀`)ノ☆

    1. Thanks alot. University's eating me alife these days, tho ;A;