1 March 2014


Since I spent the last week panicking preparing my luggage for my trip, I wasn't quite able to do another posting for you. Sorry. ごめんね

Maybe a miracle is about to happen and I'll be able to finish up the preparations of some postings at the airport tomorrow... considering that I have 5h I'll spend at the airport in Kopenhagen, roughly.
If not - because I'm too sleepy or too engrossed in reading or writing fanfiction or studying for my retest in Japanese {oh bother} I just hope that I won't forget about planned postings at all once I'm there.

Daisypath Vacation (xy8B)
So in less than 20h I'll be on my way to Japan, further Tokyo where I won't only meet one of my best friends, Sha again {and prolly cuddle her to death on the spot} but also spend the next 4 weeks {with the fabulous フェちゃん in tow and we'll meet the awesome Mutsumi and - omg}.

I can't really say that I'm extremely excited yet... I don't know why. I mean... I've never been so far away from home nor for so long, leave alone on my own. I've dreamed to go there for 6 years now and maybe this is the reason why I can't really catch and understand that I'm actually going to see all this in real life.
I still can't quite imagine that yuku will go and see the land she was obsessed with for so long, home to all the cute and weird things and ridiculously handsome people. But yes. It's true.
Oh my fluffy duck!

{damn, I'll miss my bby 영헤 ♡ and my dog and my family}


  1. have fun dear <3 take a lot of pics u only have to upload here ;D you won't be forced to comment them all...only a few XD theeheee!

  2. I didn't know you were Danish haha
    Well have a nice trip. Hope you will enjoy this place as much as i do even though its cold as fuck right now

    1. Oh no, I traveled over Kopenhagen it was just my transfer airport ;)
      Thanks alot.
      .... I actually don't think it's so cold.. the nights are really chilly and the wind is cold... but the weather was quite great today. :)

  3. Ich wünsche dir ganz unglaublich viel Spaß dort und bin gespannt was du danach so alles zu berichten hast!! ^-^

    1. I hope I'll have things to talk about afterwards... haha :D
      Thanks. x3

  4. Viel viel viel Spaß! Drück Mutsu ganz doll von mir bitte! :* <3333
    Ich hoffe du hast ne tolle Zeit!