8 March 2014

東京 ♡ 1st week

It's been almost a week since I'm here and though nothing much has happened yet, I guess I should share some bits with you anyway.
I arrived at NARITA at the 3rd of March (JST) and after some more or less necessary checking I met my dear friend Sha who was already waiting for me. We went to my appartment directly and though my suitcase broke on the way (damn handle) we had luck. Though it was said my check-in time would be 3pm, we actually were allowed to get into the flat already at 1:40pm. So way eariler than we thought.

My appartment is really nice and I fell in love with the neighborhood here.
The only thing I couldn't get used to till now is the cold. It's freaking damn cold most of the time and especially in the kitchen and the bathroom because the only heater/aircon is in my bedroom.
But I'll figure something out. I guess.

So the past few days I didn't do much. Almost nothing, actually.
But I don't think this was necessarily bad. Now I feel a lot more like I actually arrived here in Japan and Tokyo and it feels a lot more... natural to move around town here than before. Though I am a tourist of some sort I really don't like to act or be taken as one by the first look {though it's hard to hide that I'm a 外人(gaijin - foreigner), even with 160cm I'm easily one of the tallest girls here, for example} so these couple of days - some might think I wasted them - it feels like they really had a good effect on me for that time here.
I'm completely jet lag-free, too.

I went to Sha's dorm, could meet some of her friends and we watched a lot of TV.
Yesterday we went to a 銭湯{Sentō}, a public bathhouse. Though my circulation didn't take it too well it was a really interesting and nice experience.
Today we met at 新大久保駅{Shin-Okubo station} whose neighborhood is like the "Korea Town" of Tokyo {I'll show photos of what I bought till now later, when my Internet here stops being a dick} and tomorrow my special snowflake フェちゃん will move in with me.
It's going to be fabulous.


  1. Awh have a good time there! w(≧▽≦)w And please share with us some photos from Tokyo's streets later. (。・ω・)ノ゙

    〜 http://spookypastel.blogspot.com/ 〜

    1. I'll try to get a couple additional of good shots, later this weekend or next week! (。・ω・。)

  2. Ich bin schon gespannt was du demnächst so berichten wirst. ^^
    Ach ich spiele sogar manchmal gern den Tourist in meiner eigenen Stadt, ich finds manchmal sehr lustig. XD

    1. na ja... wirklich verstecken kann man's hier nicht. auch ohne meine pinken haare falle ich auf wie n bunter hund! ;D

  3. ICh bin auch ganz doll gespannt *_* schöne Zeit dir!

  4. Die Geduld hätte ich echt nicht gehabt, da hast du recht- ist nicht jedermanns sache! aber wenn es für dich besser ist, wieso nicht? ^^
    freut mich dass du gut angekommen bist :3 hab mir doch ein wenig gedanken gemacht...man hört ja immer so viel schreckliches ;Ä; *anpapp*
    genieße die restliche zeit <3 UND BLOGGE xD <3

    1. sorry dass sich das mit dem update - und auch mit weiteren - so verzögert... orz