20 March 2014

日本 ♡ the lack of updates

It's been quite a while since my last update.
Which has several reasons. One might quite likely be the fact that I'm lazy as f ck but most of all because my Internet here in Tokyo isn't what you'd call "super fast" - at least when it comes to uploading pictures on my blog. The last time it took me more than 2 hours to upload only a few and since I've spend a couple of days checking out Osaka and Nara you can be sure there will be more than 5 pictures.
{honestly I took more than 800photos}

So the point of this is - that I'll spam you with photos once I'm back in Germany.
The next days I'll finally meet up with Mutsumi and the next week  フェちゃん & me will go to Disney Land with  Sha and some other friends. It's going to be awesome!

I'm not sure if there will be another update as long as I'm in Japan.
But you can get mini impressions via my twitter and instagram.
{but damn, I get bipolar already. One part of me definitely wants to stay here forever and another is quite homesick. Miss my hubby 영헤 ♡ and my family, srsly!}


  1. Have lots of fun ;__; as I told you before: hug Mutsu! And I can not wait for the pictures~

  2. Aw nein :/ das ist ja echt mies...Heimweh und gleichzeitig woanders sein... hatte ich in Berlin XD weil coole Leute in Berlin und ne Purimaschine und Mama daheim >.< *weini*
    Pass immer schön auf dich auf... :> <3

  3. I would want to travel to Japan too. Some day...
    Have a fun time there! I can't wait for the photos : D I have pretty same feelings when I'm on a trip, I want to stay but I still miss my home.

    1. exactly x3
      I'll make sure to get the best photos for you here

    2. Uhh, I would like to go there too. :( Maybe one day...
      Yuku, your blog is so lovely! I'm so curious upcoming next note, so I follow you. ~~

    3. I'm back since last night and I sooo want to go back already. ;A;

      Thanks alot for following me, I really, really appreciate it. (‘∀’●)♡
      I'll make sure to come up with interesting notes, next!

  4. Ich hoffe, du hattest ganz viel Spaß und hast ganz viele Eindrücke mitgenommen. <3