3 April 2014


只今!{tadaima!} I'm back.
I've been home again since Monday evening but I didn't even manage to unpack and tidy up everything completely yet because I'm super lazy.

University starts soon again but this semester is going to be a lot more relaxed than the last one and so I'm quite hopeful that I will be able to upload more during summer.
That is if my laziness doesn't go overboard with me.

At the moment I'm not quite sure yet how I should do my postings about my stay in Japan and I would like you to tell me if you want it chronologically or sorted by specific topics or locations I went to or- 
I don't even know.
I have roughly 6.5GB photos and I'm pretty sure that I won't upload every single one of them. So there is a big part of sorting-out-work waiting for me once I decided on a concept of how to organize my postings.

There are still a bunch of not-Japan-related posts waiting in line that I actually already wanted to do in February and January.
- being too busy and/or too lazy for regular uploads can be such a pain, I tell you...

Because I don't want the post to look too empty, have a photo from my first days in Tokyo.


  1. Das "Foto-sortier-Problem" hatte ich auch nach meinem Taipei-Urlaub. So wirklich weit gekommen bin ich mit meinen Posts dazu auch noch nicht. Von daher: ich kann dich verstehen. xD
    Ich freu mich jedenfalls schon auf die kommenden Posts und Fotos von dir. ^^
    Und deine Haare! Liebe! ♥

    1. Ich hoffe ich kann das irgendiwe alles arrangieren.
      Muss sie wieder nachfärben, aber danke (‘∀’●)♡

  2. Oh deine Haare *__* Ich liebe sie <3333

    Und ich hoffe auch, du packst das. Vielleicht ....ich weiß nicht?
    In Genres wie:
    - etwas mit Freunden gemacht (Puris etc)
    - Gekaufte Sachen (Essen/Kleidung...)
    - Sightseeing?
    ;_; <3

    1. Danke <333

      Ich werd mir was Feines überlegen, danke für deinen Input :D

  3. Waa ♫ You went to Japan?! I can't wait to read more about it!
    I know how you feel! >< I have a huge backlog from my trip there too! I feel like I'm only 2% done blogging about it!

    1. I really hope I'll get to prepare the first posting soon. :D