12 May 2014

shopping without money

Who follows me on twitter and paid attention to the small tweets I do {I wish I was more active, really} knows that my pretty boy felix and me decided for a super spontanious shopping spree on Saturday.
Since I was really busy {and if not tired and lazy} the last week I didn't finish the edeting for my next JAPAN post, neither sort myself out to write an update about the B.A.P concert.
So I decided to give you a mini gets/life-update post with my gets from two days ago.

Actually I would have loved to take a photo with my special snowflake together but we always forget.
Just like Saturday.
Besides I'm actually out of money right now after the concert in Düsseldorf and purchases for upcoming events... still there were some items I couldn't just leave there.
Quite typical for us as well - we didn't really end up buying the stuff we needed or originally wanted to buy. But seriously - who even does when they are out with friends shopping!?
You always buy different stuff than you actually wanted. Or is it just me?

We went to several stores, walking around Ku'damm in Berlin. But strange enough we just found clothes we really bought in H&M.
We went to eat a small snack at a McCafé. It was a bit unusual since I don't go there often but we both weren't really that hungry so I killed every diet-idea any of us could have by straight up ordering cake. It was really, really good.
But I noticed again, that I'm not in Japan anymore. I got so used to the flood of nice coffee shops you can sit in and relax a bit during your shopping tour...but not here in Germany/Berlin. Urgh. I really miss it.

Here, have my outfit for that day, too before I show you what I bought though I officially had "no money".
Oh, as you see at the face-shot already I finally re-dyed my hair cherry-blossom-pink after I couldn't do it before the B.A.P concert and went there blonde.
I have to say, I feel so much more comfortable and self-confident with the pink shade.

There was no discount on any of the items whatsoever, so I spent about €55. But I'm still really happy. 
I'm so in love with black/white coords for some time now and I feel like it might go on for a while longer...
It has been forever since I last bought a bikini-top, too. 
But this one was just too cute {and expensive} (●´□`)♡
Well, I hope you liked that small, kind-of-random-y update.
I will try hard to upload soon again and you, have a nice Monday, floks! ✧♡✧*¨*•.❥


  1. du bist so bezaubernd, und ich kenn ds, wenn man fotos machen will aber dann doch zu beschäftigt ist um welche zu machen ;3
    zeigt doch nur, dass ihr den tag genossen habt xD oder nicht?
    auch mit dem shoppen - man braucht was findet aber doch alles andere viel toller
    jaja.. das ist so ne macke, die scheint wohl jeder zu haben :P

    1. be-bezaubernd!? d'awww danke! (﹡֦ƠωƠ֦﹡)
      haha, ja... das ist wohl immer so.
      &ich frag mich trotzdem, wieso es einem immer so verdammt schwer fällt, die dinge zu finden, die man eigentlich geplant hat zu kaufen... orz

  2. Richtig tolle Sachen hast du dir da geholt *-* schön! <3

  3. Aww, you're so pretty! I love your eyes. *_*