19 May 2014

いただきます。♡ food in japan

Just going to warn you in advance. This post will make you hungry. Really hungry.
It's a mass of photos I've prepared for this update and let's just say that it took me so long to do it because of that. 

Since I have a fondly love-hate-relationship with food, the aspect of it was a point for me in Japan as well.
Bluntly said, I absolutely love the food in Japan. 
I swear, what I ate in this month equals what I usually eat in 2 months here in Germany and funny enough - I lost weight.
I generally love the picture of food what explains why I have the urge to take photos of it whenever I can.
Even if it's just my cup of breakfast milk tea.

Another point here, is how food is handled in the Japanese society and/or culture.
I actually wonder why I never had a class about this in my studies yet because I think it's pretty interesting.
From my observation I conclude that food has a big point in Japanese culture.
A good example are A) the flood of coffee shops, cafés and restaurants you find basically everywhere and I mean EVERYWHERE and B) the sole fact that you find it everywhere on TV as well.
We had 12 channels at my apartment and - believe it or not - it didn't matter when you switched it on, you would always - ALWAYS - find at least 2 channels that have a food-related programm airing.
Best recepies charts, celebrities searching for the best ---restaurant, eating contests, ... 
We even watched a Japanese drama occationally that was basically about food {ごちそうさん - gochisousan; if you are interested}.

It's almost as if the whole island is obsessed with food. But honestly, I can't really blame them, seeing that Japanese food is definitely heaven for your taste buds.

Why the average Japanese person still isn't overweight though they definitely enjoy eating?
I once read that it has to do with their genes and secondly, this cute little picture might give a hint as well.
The reason why I can eat like an elephant {a bar of chocolate and a bag of chips - no problem} without gaining any reasonable amount of weight is because I have a natural high/fast metabolism and seeing that a handful of these small friends here are long-stay guests in many Japanese dishes, makes pretty obvious why I didn't gain much weight during my stay.

After all these words, I need to apologize that I won't be really able to get all the upcoming photos into a reasonable order so you just have to deal with it. If I come across something down there I might include another small paragraph to explain something... but actually it's just food porn following.
Be prepared.

メロンソーダ at MOS Burger
クレープ in Harajuku
caramel-banana-pancakes with almonds, ice cream, whipped cream and boba tea at TokyoTower
cheeseburger and fries at Disney Land
ラーメン at our local ラーメン屋{ramen-restaurant}
cheshire cat パフェ at the Alice in Wonderland café in Shibuya
EXO cocoa and matcha latte at a KPOP café in Shin-Okubo
ビビンバ{Korean dish: Bibimbap} at a 松屋{Matsuya} in Ikebukuro
banana-chocolate ice cream at 大阪公園{Osaka Park, surrounding Osaka-Castle}
불고기{Korean dish: Bulgogi} at a Korean restaurant in Shin-Okubo
frozen yogurt at a café in Shin-Okubo
self-made pancakes with strawberries
strawberry oreo - didn't taste as awesome as it looks...
rainbow pocky and rainbow coffee bought in Osaka
seasonal: Sakura flavored milk tea and panda-pocky
new found love: salmon nigiri with onions and mayonaise
chicken menue at a restaurant in Osaka
cute biscuits either with white chocolate filling or animal faces

Eventually I will repost some of the photos again, when I post about the respective time they were taken.
Right now I really have a craving for some of the dishes I just showed you, so you are not alone...
Another small detail, the one tack I basically lived on but didn't take a picture of are onigiri. Preferably the ones with tuna and mayonaise. I ate them on a daily basis. And I mean literally every day.

What is your favorite Japanese meal?
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask in a comment below.


  1. The food looks so good ;___; I love sushi (vegetarian) and also ramen and onigiri~ but it needs to be veggie. Also I love omrice T_T

    1. Aw, yes. But I think there are many dishes with meat... (and they were really good) but I always gave the pork of my Ramen to my friends because I'm allergic to it. So it's not impossible... c:

  2. Nice Foodporn post!! *haha*
    Omg!!! I need to go back to Japan NOW!!!! haha
    I miss the food there so much! I loved Soba! My favourite was Zaru Soba, since I was there in August during the hottest time of the year.
    And I my observations brought me to the same conclution as you! Food is very important in Japan. We even had someone writing a term paper about food in Japan! *haha*

    1. I want to go back, too... TT_TT
      I think I never had soba when I was there... just ate it here in Germany before... and that's kind of sad, but oh well. *haha*
      I wish we had some food-related classes... but on the other hand I'd be hungry and grumpy the whole time if we had...

  3. Ohh, I'd love to taste some Japan food! It's looks soo good. ^_^

    1. Maybe you can find a good restaurant that serves Japanese dishes if you can't visit the original country...
      I never found a restaurant here in Germany that tasts quite like the stuff I ate in Japan but it's worth a try and gives a good impression of how the taste is. :D

  4. Ein Grund meine ich, ist dass Japaner gegen vieles allergisch sind bzw einfach nichts an "dick-machendes" Essen vertragen. :> Auch ahtte ich einmal eine Japanerin bei Starbucks an der Kasse, die fragte ob in unseren Gebäcken denn Butter bzw Milchprodukte drin sind und das ist bei uns eben der Fall. Sie darf das alles nicht essen weil sie es nicht verträgt und Ausschlag bekommt. In Japan würde das Essen anders zubereitet werden, denn da habe sie keine Probleme etc :3

    1. Ich kann mich jetzt nicht dran erinnern besonders viele Japaner gesehen zu haben, die sich bewusst ohne Laktose ernährt haben - auch nicht viele Produkte für entsprechende Verbraucher, deswegen kann ich das nicht 100% so von meinen Erfahrungen her bestätigen. (Die hatten eigentlich immer nur massive Probleme mit den Pollen und sind deswegen in Scharen mit ihren Masken rumgelaufen)
      Milchbrötchen und Pancakes werden da genauso mit Milch hergestellt und zubereitet wie hier...
      McDonalds boomt dort wie überall anders auf der Welt auch (und damn, ich bin Japanern begegnet, den man das ansah) aber arme Schafe die Laktose-intollerant sind, gibt es glaub ich überall...

  5. Ah, this entry made me so hungry! All the food looks so amazing ★

    1. I know how you feel. I always get cravings for Japanese food when I look through my photos, haha.
      I'm happy they turned out so nicely. ♪