31 May 2014

capturing spring ♡

Having spring as your favorite season is somewhat of a challenge sometimes. As I am a person who loves warm spring days but despises summer heat, I sure have some ups and downs with my favorite season and the way it just casually rushes past everyone every year.

It's been two months since I'm back from Japan already, too and I still realize all the small things I miss about that country and since spring just took off without even greeting us properly,
I thought it was a good time to take a moment and appreciate how beautiful spring actually looks - if you get the chance to capture a bit of it.

In the beginning of April, only a few days before lectures for university started again, 
I took my chance to visit the Gärten der Welt {let's rougly translate it to: the world's garden or gardens of the world}, a big park in Berlin.
It takes me forever to get there because it's basically of the other side of town but it was Hanami time and I wanted to see cherry blossoms so badly, desperately missing the few I could see in Tokyo, so I went to take some photos.
I didn't have much time because I attended a concert in the evening - something I will give more detail about in another update - and the time I actually was there, the Japanese Garden was closed because they were holding a private tea ceremony.
So instead I wandered through the Korean garden and later the Chinese garden, which are beauties as well.
It was really, really crowded though 
{guess everyone decided to go to the Korean Garden because "oh well. the Japanese is closed"} 
and most of the cherry trees's blossoms had faded already...
It doesn't sound so much of a success now but it still were a few hours I spent nicely.

What's your favorite season?
Any questions? Ask in a comment below.


  1. Wunderschöne Fotos! *-* Und mir ist es eigentlich egal aus welchem Land die Gärten sind, ich finde Natur immer schön! Leider kann ich sie meist nicht selbst genießen (Allergiker und so) aber ansehen tu ich sir mir doch immer wieder gern :> <3

    1. Oh... da bin ich echt froh, dass ich keine Probleme mit Pollen habe, sonst könnte ich meine kurze aber liebste Jahreszeit wohl ganz abschreiben...
      Ich hoffe es ist nicht all zu schlimm und es freut mich, dass dir die Bilder gefallen. ♪

  2. Die Bilder sind wirklich wunderschön! <3 Toll wirklich!

    1. Danke, ich freu mich, dass sie dir gefallen. :D

  3. Gott, die Bilder sind so schön. *~* Da muss ich auch unbedingt mal hin, wenn ich das nächste Mal in Berlin bin.

    1. Aw, danke.... x3
      Aber ja, es lohnt sich wirklich. Ich sollte da auch öfter hin... aber die Zeit... urgh. Ich hab sie (fast) nie.

  4. This looks amazing! I love your pictures<3 Also have instantly fallen inlove with your blog, it's so cute and gorgeous! Love the little EXO logo on the left side<3 ~


    1. I'm happy you like it. *^*
      You are actually the first one who mentioned the logo... and it's been there for some time now, haha.
      Welcome to my blog then... I guess. <3