23 June 2014

music about dreams and distant worlds

I haven't mentioned too much of my relationship with video games and my gaming habits here till now.
Lately, I'm dying to share it but university keeps me too busy to make up my mind and actually write a good, nice, round post about it.
If you follow me on twitter, though - you probably realized that I'm obsessed with Animal Crossing (New Leaf) right now.
I had the brilliant idea to reset my game and start again after a year this week-end, approximately two weeks before all the exams come breaking my neck. Nice idea indeed and brilliant timing, I know.
Another series of games that never fails to cast a spell over me, is Final Fantasy.
I started to actually play and not just marvle over the games from afar only a couple of games ago and so, though I really want to get my head around as many stories and parts and characters as possible, I wasn't really able to play most of the games. Yet, that is!!!
My favorite - and actually the first I played without my brother sitting in my neck the whole time - is Final Fantasy XII.
The point of all this is, that in April my cutie felix and another lovely friend of us had the chance to get our hands on tickets for the premiere of Distant Worlds in Berlin's tempodrom.
Having a grandmother that loved to educate and cultivate us at a young age it wasn't my first time being there or actually attending a classical concert. 
But I garantue you, it was in no means a stiff event.
Distant Worlds - music from Final Fantasy - 
The name basically says it already, 
is a concert with a big orchestra and a choir and they play music from the video game series.
Being the concert we went to the premiere, we had the honour to have Nobuo Uematsu sit with us.
For those who don't know, he's a small Japanese man with long hair and lots of humor, who composed the music. Not all, but he definitely had his hands in a lot of them.
It was basically a really magical time there.
I was sad that they didn't play a single song from my favorite game but since I generally get the feeling that I'm a loner with my pick, I wasn't too surprised in the end.
They played a lot of really beautiful tunes, accentuated with videos and pictures from the games and got us moved deeply, being on the verge of tears a couple of times but leaving us full of adrenaline with the last song Sephiroth {and now imagine that live}.
It's amazing what these games did to all of us. In a good way, though.
But even after these impressions and that great evening, I can't decide on a favorite song from the series.
There are just too many I really like.

What about you? Do you like Final Fantasy? 
What is your favorite game, which your favorite song?
Any questions? Ask in a comment below.


  1. I love Final Fantasy. It's a part of my childhood! xD
    My favorite game is FFVII and FFX. I love both equally. They are just awsome.
    Both great charakters and awsome story!! *0*

    1. Yeah, they are both really cool games. I think there is a lot about Final Fantasy VII because of Crisis Core and the movie, Advent Children... and because there are a lot of characters from there, that get picked up in other Square Enix productions like Kingdom Hearts, for instance.
      {gosh, I love Kingdom Hearts <3}

  2. You're so lucky! I've always wanted to go to one of the Distant Worlds concert ;(
    Final fantasy all the wayyyyy!!<33

    Join my giveaway!!

    1. I hope you'll get the chance to go someday. They said they'd try to do these concerts for as long as possible, so maybe you'll get it the next time it comes around near your place! I'll keep my fingers crossed since it was super awesome and no final fantasy fan should be in the misery of not being able to witness this, if they wanted to.

  3. OMG! *gasps* Weißt du wie neidisch ich gerade bin? T__T Ich hoffe das gibt es nächstes Jahr noch mal, dann bin ich definitiv auch dabei!!

    Komplett gespielt habe ich bisher nur X und XIII. Angespielt VII und XII. XIII-2 liegt bisher unberührt bei mir zu Hause und auf der wishlist ist XIII-Lightning Returns. Ich suchte also auch ein bisschen. XD" Am besten fand ich bisher aber unangefochten X. Das ist der Wahnsinn. ♥

    1. Ich erinnere mich - XIII hab ich auch angespielt, hatte dann aber durch die Uni keine Zeit mehr und hatte eh einen Punkt, an dem ich nicht so recht weiter kam - leider schon ziemlich früh am Anfang... wenn ich mal wieder Zeit habe, sollte ich es nochmal versuchen.. :)