12 July 2014

bits of April in July ♡

I actually passed my oral exam two days ago and since I remembered a couple of photos I edited for you but didn't upload - back from April even - I thought I'd do a quick post-up to get that done and stay a little active - even if I said I wouldn't be.

I'm obsessively in love with cherry blossoms {also plum and almond blossoms}.
I even have them plastered to my bedroom's wall as photographic wallpaper. I honestly feel attached and connected to these blossoms, considering that beside this 'obsession' April - the month of hanami, the time when these small beauties actually bloom - is the month I'm born.
I've grown out of the habit to get overly excited about my birthday - I regularily forget it, even - but April still is one of my most favorite months - because it's spring. Finally spring.

cherry blossom trees in front of my university
.... in my neighborhood
and the plum tree in our front yard
... you probably guessed already how much I love this tree...
The summer's heat is not for me.
If it wouldn't be for the burning sun and the temperature I'd enjoy summer a lot more, actually.
But now I find myself living the life of a mole. I hide in my basement-located room as long and often as possible, only coming up for food, when I need to go to university, or when it gets cooler outside in the evening hours...
Reviewing bits and bits of April therefore seems like a nice change for me.
And after all it all just looks so incredibly beautiful.

It also was when I could spend time with my special 형; Cat, because she visited longer. The last time she was here we didn't have too much time and I can't wait to finally pay her a visit by the end of August.
Cat 'nd me. favorite together-picture (。・ω・。)♡
Seeing me in a dress is rather rare but when I wear them I enjoy it to the fullest. (´ω`★)
I have to write my term paper soon but putting that aside I'm really looking forward to do some traveling this summer... only in Germany though. I'll go and see the lovely Aiji and Maya again, will stay at Cat's place and after two other concerts in July {BTS in Berlin} and August {LedApple in Berlin} attend the K-Culture Festivale together with felix in September. I also hope to see the gorgeous キャットリン and Anna again and my senpai will come back from Japan. It's going to be terrific!

What are your plans for this summer?
Any questions? Ask in a comment below.


  1. hübsche blütenflut hast du deinen lesern beschert ;3
    ich liebe dein outfit <3 es ist so zucker, und ist auch für andere ein highlight, gerade weil du kleider so selten trägst ;3

  2. Die Bilder sind so hübsch geworden. :)
    Und Glückwunsch zur bestandenen mündl. Prüfung. ^^

  3. Die Bilder sind wunderschön <333 und dein Outfit ist so toll!

  4. Oh my, so beautiful trees! *-*

    The heat really kills me, I actually live in the same way like you. I spend my days in my room and go outside in the evening. I will travel to Southern Finland this week and they promised that there will be about +30°C ._. I wonder how will I survive.

    1. You can do it - I actually spend a lot of time outside these days... we had luck with much wind though... otherwise I wouldn't have been seen outside before 6PM, haha.
      So I hope you'll have luck and get a bit of wind from time to time so it's not that bad....