8 August 2014

大阪城 ♡ on a visit to Hideyoshi & Tokugawa

Though we would have been able to spend all our time solely discovering Tokyo, we seized the chance to take a trip to Osaka from March 13 till 17.
We took an overnight bus and arrived in the early morning. Seeing that we were rather tired and took our time to arrive completely our trip to some of Osaka's sights had to wait till the next day.
Osaka CastleŌsaka-jō {大阪城} in Japanese - was of course one of them and our first stop.

By command of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Osaka Castle was first built in 1583, but got taken and destroyed in 1615 by Tokugawa Ieyasu's forces who later reconstructed it. Being build mostly of wood the castle burned down after a lightning strike, was rebuild 200 years later and again destroyed during Meiji restoration and World War II. In 1997 it got reconstructed once more {after being partly destroyed and reconstructed in the meantime} and houses a museum with a focus on the work of Toyotomi Hideyoshi as one of Japan's great unifiers, these days.

It was pretty easy to get there by train and our hostel wasn't that far from it either.
There are several stations near the park but I think the station we chose - Ōsakajō-kōen Station {大阪城公園駅}, a stop on the Osaka Loop-Line - was ideal since it has direct access to the park.
You pretty much walk out of it and are in the green already.

like so

We were too early to see the cherry trees around the castle in full bloom which is - for obvious reasons - one of the most beautiful times to be there because of the breathtaking view.

{picture taken from here}
Needless to say; we couldn't take photos like this. But on the other side it wasn't that crowded and really pleasant with mild, sunny weather.

I think it's amazing to see how Japanese people use the space they have in big parks like this.
Similar to the Kitanomaru-Park in Tokyo that surrounds Edo Castle {江戸城} - housing the Imperial Palace - encompasses the rather famous Nippon Budokan {日本武道館}, in the Osaka Castle-Park you find the Osaka Castle Hall, a large athletic field, baseball field, football field, open air music theatre and open air concert hall, next to the mentioned reconstructed donjon of Osaka Castle.
The park is open for the public and used for several kinds of togetherness - completely integrated into public life. You don't see this phenomenon in Germany in that form which I think is rather sad.

cutest height-difference.  cutie-patooties being cute pt.1
We took a long stroll around the park, aiming for the castle in the middle of course but when we got there the closing hour was coming near, the queue was way too long and the weather basically too good to spend an hour crammed together in a dark museum. I'm sure it would have been interesting, though.
Being too early for cherry blossoms, the plum tree grove on the riverside of the inner moat was a beautiful surprise for us, seeing that plum trees bloom earlier than the cherry blossoms in Japan. 
It was absolutely amazing.
cherry blossom hair meets plum blossoms
model-like bestfriend 
Self-evidently this was a personal highlight for me. But the castle with its terrfic green and pink around it wasn't the only spot we visited this day.
cutie-patooties being cute pt.2 
Looking back I'd love to visit Osaka again to once again, stroll through the amazing park area there.
Generally I rediscovered how much I like strolling and my attraction to nature and culture {like museums and stuff, too} during my time in Japan and there are way too many places I didn't discover afoot yet.

Do you like to visit parks and museums 
when you are in another town or country?

Any questions? Ask in a comment below.
I made this post a bit more informative... 
in case some of you may want to visit the places I've been some day, too. 
Tell me how you like it and if I should keep it like this.


  1. I really enjoyed this post. The landscapes are absolutely breathtaking. It would be so awesome to see them on the spot and experience that all : 3

    1. Osaka Castle Park really is a place you should visit if you have the chance to be around. It's not only beautiful but also really interesting because you see how differently people and families use the space. They play there, people walk their dogs, and so much more...

  2. wooow *-* really beautiful pics!


  3. Aaaaah!! Das Schloss kommt in der einen Conan Folge vor! XD kya <3
    Wie gern wäre ich auch dort...mit Heiji XD <3 Shinichi und Kaitou Kid wären mir aber auch nicht unangenehm *.*
    Aaah es ist toll mal das Schloss zu sehen wie man es als Touri etc sehen kann...und nicht nur als Animation :D (Ja, ich hätte Fotos etc googlen können, aber u know, innerer Schweinehund und so)
    Sehr toll... und ich muss gestehen, ich hab kein Nerv für Museen v.v vllt wenn etwas ausgestellt ist, was mich begeistert...aber ansonsten eher weniger :/

    1. Ich glaube es ist generell nochmal was ganz anderes, wenn man das in echt sieht... hahaha ;D
      Na ja... vielleicht hängt die Affinität mit Museen auch mit dem Input meiner Großeltern zusammen. Ich bin seit kleinauf ständig in Museen gewesen und im Theater und ich finde Geschichte einfach unheimlich spannend.
      Aber das ist halt nicht jedermann's Sache ;)
      (Wäre sonst ja auch NOCH voller in den Museen. u__u)

  4. Oh, ich liebe liebe liebe den Post - so wunderschöne Bilder und generell *_* du siehst glücklich aus!

    1. vielen vielen dank. ich freu mich, dass dir der post gefallen hat.
      und... wirklich? ich bin doch nur auf einem bild zu sehen....
      aber ich hab mich wirklich wohl dort gefühlt, jap. ouo

  5. Oh Gott, die Bilder sind sososo schön! ;w; Neid!!!