26 August 2014

a month in a nutshell ♡ 五月

I'm on vacation, guys!
I'm going to be for a while, too. I've spent a week at Aiji and Maya's place.
Two lovely friends of mine, I meet way too rarely because we live on opposite sites of Germany (buh!)
Right now I'm besieging one of my precious real-life treasures, Cat.
She's so great and amazing but she'll probably never admit it though.
I sure could have done another JAPAN post now, but I feel like a lot has gone missing during these months of university and now... I feel like I just can't put all the pieces together enough to make it really interesting.
Guess university life just isn't interesting after all.
Long story short; I decided to put together at least a hand full of highlights - worthy enough for me to post it on Instagram - portraying what May was all about, long ago, when 2014 was still fresh and new.

五月 pretty much was B.A.P month. 
I went to their German concert in Duesseldorf and it sure 
was one of the best gigs I've ever experienced. 
I'm still hyped and full of great memories when I think back.
I also started a new manga series.

I guess I will do the same for June later this week.
I was able to finish my term paper after a short break in 4 or 5h a couple of days ago. But I want to repeat and study a lot for my coming Japanese and Korean classes and have a bunch of other things I try to work on right now.
I like the idea to start the new semester as a better version of myself every year and it motivates me to work on that even during times when I basically have nothing to do. 

How do you guys spend your vacation?
Any questions? Ask in a comment below.


  1. Hope you're enjoying your vacation <333 you look so cute

  2. Oh, have fun on your vacation! : D I miss my free time that I lost when my vacation ended. I want to stay awake at night and sleep late. Although my new school is pretty nice : )

    1. I feel you... but I already look forward to the end of my vacation. It's ironic because as soon as school does start I will be complaining (let's be real) ;D

  3. Ich mag Outfitfotos von dir immer so gerne. ♥
    Und hab Spaß in deinen Ferien! :3 Ich wünschte ich hätte auch mal wieder länger frei, aber ich hab kaum noch Urlaub dieses Jahr. v_v Ich glaub ich würde einfach mal nichts machen. xD Das wäre so schön lol.

    1. Oh, wenn das so ist, sollte ich vielleicht öfter darüber bloggen? ;3