29 November 2014

returning to my roots with POKéMON Ω Ruby

As per normal when I should be studying like a mad man for upcoming midterms,
another inspiration for a playful blogpost hit me right in the face and since this would be a start of a category I always wanted to add to my blog but never did before, it seemed even more appealing.
So as the most of you should know, after a bunch of trailer videos and even cuter artworks, Nintendo released their 63rd Pokémon Game since their first European release in 1999 - as we all remember {at least indirectly} the Red and Blue Version.
So now we all can get our needy hands on Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire to exprerience a journey through Hoenn once again, after 2003 when Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire were released.

For me personally this means childhood. I still remember sitting in a big basket armchair with my little brother 11  years ago on Christmas Eve, doing my personal first steps in a Pokémon Game ever. Yes, I never had a Gameboy before 2003 - when I was eight years old.
I still have my old Gameboy Advance SP and my original Pokémon Sapphire game and I utterly loved it. So of course I was dying for a remake since they released Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver a couple of years ago.

And here we are now. 
I got my Omega Ruby {after I started with Sapphire and Kyogre I thought, why not go with Groudon this time?} last Thursday one day prior but since I'm in the middle of my midterm periode I haven't played half as much as I'd like to if I could. 
I was really sad {and mad} that they excluded the great customization you could do to your character in X/Y.
But still... I adore this game so much, it's actually insane.
There are just so many little details that they've put into it next to the stunning graphic - it's so incredibly beautiful!!!

I'm excited like I was back these years on Christmas Day because I'm going to introduce you to my newest child; Meenoright under the cut.
Yes, I'm one of these people who make up stories and family and what-not around their in-game characters and I probably enjoy it way too much.
Depending on your interest, I may introduce my final team - once I've got there - too.
For now, you have to live with what I'm working with this moment.

Meeno is a pretty lively, loud character.
He loves to play outside and always has some bruises here and there or a plaster.
He probably won't be too much into the whole Pokémon Competition thing
... or maybe it has to grow on him.
His first pokémon is a cautious Treecko that answers to the name of Loki.
He has an elder sister called Krys who is both, his biggest idol and rival. 
She's also the reason why he decided to take Loki; her partner in crime is a mammoth Swampert that Meeno seeks to beat in a battle some day.
*note: Krys is my Sapphire character. I just needed to put these two in a relation.

He's currently leaving Slateport City on his way to Mauville City to get his third badge.

Meeno's team 
 Loki [Grovyle LV19]      Ame [Surskit LV16]
 Érzelem [Ralts LV16]      Groo [Nuzleaf LV18]
 Coco [Skitty LV17]      Cro [Zubat LV15]

Please tell me if you want to know more about this or other games I play. I could eventually calm myself to do a more neutral and complete collection of my thoughts on this game later... or I don't know. I just thought this would be fun and the lovely Sachikonee 
{go and check out her twitter|instagram|tumblr when you're at it} 
actually asked me about my team the second I started the game. 
I hope you like it, little one ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

Neverminding my midterm periode, I still have a lot to update before 2014 ends and it's actually scary how little the time left is already.
However, I will now turn back to my Japanese speech or some grammar practise for my next Korean midterm on Tuesday.

Have a nice weekend guys and remember to catch 'em all!
Any question? Ask in a comment below.

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