16 November 2014

weblog ♡ layout update

Actually I wanted to write a larger post,
but I was so busy this weekend and haven't finished half of the things I wanted to do.
Currently, I try NOT to panic or stress out about them yet.
I've been writing a Japanese report today and still need to polish up my vocabulary knowledge for the Korean midterm on Wednesday...

Eitherway I wanted to point out that there were some minor changes in the layout...
I added two new widgets - from my twitter account, as well as from ask.fm.
I think it is convenient and a nice addition to the stuff you can already find there.
I secrelty added another page to that blog, too.
When you click my photo on the sidebar, you can find a small ABOUT ME page now.
I haven't exactly found a less hidden alternative that's still for my liking yet, so I'll leave it like that for now.

I wish you the best and a great start into the next week. 
Any question? Ask in a comment below.

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