28 December 2014

my favorite outfits of 2014 ♡

When I looked through my hard drive yesterday to get these out here, I was kind of disappointed about how many of the outfits I wore - especially this spring and summer - don't appeal to me at all these days and I'm just kind of horrified by myself.
"How can you change your opinion of yourself so drastically, just looking at one picture??" 
But then I realized that my view on myself didn't really change that much but that I just don't like the older shots as much as I like newer ones because my taste in fashion shifted a few inches this year.
Maybe something like that... I don't even know to be honest.
Sadly I didn't find a single outfit shot from Japan and man, I need to change that when I get the next chance to travel somewhere so great and inspiring.
Getting to the point of this post, I decided to share my favorite outfits of this year - in no particular order - with you.

I regret not buying this top/dress so much, I still feel like crying whenever I see this...
I still love this to bits, oh dear god.
this was my halloween outfit, btw.

I wore a lot of black this year - with a few exeptions and there sure are a range of tops, tights and boots that are found on almost each photo... I have my favorites, obviously. Maybe I'll try to be more colorful fashion-wise next year again - who knows.

I'm occassionally recieving so cute compliments of you and I just wanted to thank you for that, too.
I'm still learning how to deal with compliments - usually I just turn beet red and start to squeal and fidget like the real life anime girl I AM NOT... but I just don't exactly know how to deal with these... it just makes me feel really happy and warm inside and I can't help but my mouth stretches in this weird happy kitten face... literally like this emoji:

Did you have a favorite piece of clothing or a favorite outfit this year?
Any questions? Ask in a comment below.

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