1 January 2015

a month in a nutshell ♡ 十二月

We almost made it. This is the last update on yukulicious this year.
I actually spent the last few days to make this happen and this time - unlike last year - I think I succeeded. I was able to post everything that belonged in this year.
I decided to do some looks over the shoulder in 2015 though, because I just have a handful of photos that I would be sad about leaving alone...
Let's look for some impressions of December, shall we? ٩(。•ω•。)و


Marking the last days of this year, 十二月 still provided some happy moments for me,
though I spent a majority of it stressed out because of my Korean midterms.
I went to Dessau to visit the BAUHAUS - a name you should know if you're schooled in art or design. 
Lucky enough, I got my aeon-ticket for Pokémon ORAS somewhere on my way.
I got some last cute gets {that I forgot to include in my 2014 catch} and a new phone case from summonflyingtoenail; before I spent Christmas with my family and friends.

Of course, I will continue to post about my experiences in Japan and I will try hard to make this blog active and fun for everyone involved.
For that, remember that the comment section and the ask.fm box on the sidebar, as well as my twitter account are always open for questions and/or suggestions.
For now, I hope you can enjoy 2014 last hours and we all spent a good year in a way or another.
I will talk about that in my year in a nutshell over in 2015 - when this year here really is over.

See you in 2015.
Thank you for spending your time, reading my blog this year.
Any questions? Ask in a comment below.

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