30 December 2014

a month in a nutshell ♡ 十一月

It's the countdown these days, 2015 is coming closer and closer and I am still missing two months since I started this nutshell madness. I actually enjoy it a lot and I think I will continue it in 2015. It just looks so cute and I grew addicted to cute photo-edit apps on my phone anyway.


Here are some small peeks from November.
And surprise; this time there are 8 shots because I wanted to post some food, haha

十一月 was the second month, back at university and I was a mess because of my schedule.
I still was able to find some joy in this month, 
though I started to complain about the lack of light and sunshine a lot.
One of the biggest highlights was probably when I got my new Pokémon game, though it's a real challenge because I needed to prioritise my studies eventhough I didn't feel like it personally.
I got some presents and two new K-POP albums as well.
November wasn't that eventful though, explaining why I don't find so much to say about it.
I just studied, went to university, went on study dates, went to sleep, tried to dig up some time to spend with my friends and pressed the repeat button.


I'm an extremely studious person but when I don't feel well or can't reach my {too high} goals I get frustrated and therefore lazy. And though I know this, I still find myself getting in the same situation ever and ever again: too much studywork for an overworked brain and me trying to keep in mind that my health is important too and I shouldn't overwork myself... let's say the results are infrequent.

How do you deal with stress in university/work?
Any questions? Ask in a comment below.

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